Living Room No Overhead Light

How to Light a Room With No Overhead Lights

Each indoor space will present its own unique set of lighting challenges. Perhaps there will be dark corners to contend with, excessive glare, or even complicated room layouts.

Under Cabinet Lighting Guide

Your Introductory Guide to Cabinet Lighting

If your countertop seems a bit too dim, or if you find yourself blindly fumbling through the back of your pantry, you have probably already begun to realize the value of cabinet lighting.

Led Revolution

The LED Revolution

If you are not entirely clear on how LED lights can be incorporated into your interior design, don’t fret.

Nft Grow Guide

The Ultimate NFT Grow Guide for Beginners

There are a lot of hydroponic systems that you can use to grow high-quality plants or vegetables, but the NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) system may be the most popular.

T5 Vs T8 Grow Lights

T5 vs T8: The Ultimate Grow Light Comparison

When discussing T5 vs T8 grow lights, there are many different aspects to consider. A lot of people will argue that the T8 is cheaper and is known to be efficient, whereas other people will point out that T5 grow lights have excellent long-term saving potential and a better quality of light.