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Explore the best lighting options for every room in your home. We’ll help you select smart lights that won’t break the bank while offering practical features and convenient installation options. Find smart lighting systems that turn your entire house into a well-lit and welcoming space.

Artificial Light

What Is Artificial Light

Artificial light, also known as electric light, refers to any light source created by humans rather than natural sources like the sun or fire.

Turtle Friendly Lighting

What Is Turtle Friendly Lighting

Turtle friendly lighting, also known as beachside shielding, refers to lighting fixtures and systems designed to minimize the negative impact of artificial light on sea turtles and their habitats.

Transparent Material

What Is Transparent Material

Transparent materials are substances that allow light to pass through them without distortion or scattering. They are clear or see-through, providing a clear view of objects on the other side.


What Is a Reflector and How Does It Work

A reflector is a device or surface that redirects light in a specific direction. It is commonly used to control and enhance the distribution of light in various lighting applications.