Home Safety & Security

Get ready for safety and security in your home with these essential home security tips. From setting up motion sensors to installing a smoke detector and fire extinguisher, we've got the inside scoop on smart home security options that will keep you protected. Also, learn what you can do to prevent burglary, fire, and other common home emergencies.

Child Safety In The Home

Child Safety in the Home

Child safety in the home is of utmost importance because that is where most accidents happen. As a parent or guardian, you have a certain responsibility to make your home a place where your child can live with as little danger as possible.

Home Fire Safety Smoke Detector

Home Fire Safety

Home fire safety is an essential part of ensuring the well-being of your family as well as your residence.

Burglar Alarm Systems For Homes

Burglar Alarm Systems for Homes

Your home is your most valued possession, and the best way to protect it is to install a high-quality, reliable home security burglar alarm system.


What is Taser

The taser is an energy weapon utilizing EMD (electro muscular disruption) technology. EMD weapons are an advanced technology over more traditional stun weapons that operate at a higher voltage but lower wattage.

Leather Kydex Holster

Leather vs. Kydex Holster for Concealed Carry

Some claim that leather has been great for carrying firearms for many years. While there are many others who prefer Kydex over leather because of its enhanced resistance and durability to damage.