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Explore the best lighting options for every room in your home. We’ll help you select smart lights that won’t break the bank while offering practical features and convenient installation options. Find smart lighting systems that turn your entire house into a well-lit and welcoming space.


What Is a Reflector and How Does It Work

A reflector is a device or surface that redirects light in a specific direction. It is commonly used to control and enhance the distribution of light in various lighting applications.

What Is A Key Light

What Is a Key Light

A key light is the primary source of artificial light used to illuminate the main subject or object in a scene.

What Is Candlelight

What Is Candlelight

Candlelight is the soft and warm light emitted by a burning candle. It has been used for centuries and remains popular today due to its cozy and intimate ambiance.

What Is Hps Light

What Is a High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp

A High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Lamp is a type of gas-discharge lamp. It is a form of high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting that generates light energy by passing an electric current through a mixture of mercury vapor and sodium vapor.

What Is Junction Box

What Is a Junction Box

A junction box, also known as a terminal box or j-box, is a box that provides a secure and organized space for connecting electrical wires.

What Is Sky Glow

What Is Skyglow

Skyglow is the excessive artificial light in the night sky that brightens the atmosphere. It occurs when light from various sources, such as streetlights, buildings, and outdoor lighting fixtures, scatters and reflects, creating a glow that obscures the natural darkness of the night sky.