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Explore the best lighting options for every room in your home. We'll help you select smart lights that won't break the bank while offering practical features and convenient installation options. Find smart lighting systems that turn your entire house into a well-lit and welcoming space.

Desk Lamp Light Source Lux Lumens Candela

Lux vs Lumens vs Candela

Lumens, lux, candela, footcandles, and candlepower, what’s the difference between these terms and which one to use when choosing your ideal light?

Incandescent Led Lumens To Watts

Lumens to Watts Conversion Chart

Use the lumens to watts conversion chart to help you choose the replacement LED and CFL bulbs with equivalent wattage for your incandescent bulbs.

What Are Lumens

What Are Lumens in Lighting

What are lumens, how to convert lumens to watts using lumens comparison chart and how many lumens do I need for my room?

Push Button Switch

Push Button Light Switches

The push button light switch is operated by pushing in a knob, just as its name suggests. To turn it off, you press it again, and the opposite task is executed.