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9 Tips for Improving Shed Security

Updated: 12/26/2023
Secure Your Shed

Sheds are a great alternative for storage space as they are situated outside and provide a plentiful amount of room to store large, heavy-duty objects. Unfortunately, sheds are targeted by thieves all too often as they usually contain valuable equipment such as lawnmowers, power tools, golf clubs, etc.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can enhance the security aspects of your shed to prevent thieves from gaining access to your valuable belongings. Here are 9 tips for protecting the contents of your shed.

The Location

Try to install any newly constructed shed somewhere where it can be easily seen from a bedroom or kitchen window. An added bonus is installing it where your neighbors can also see it.

However, you need to make sure that you don’t have your shed located in an area of the garden that’s usually exposed to the outside world. This can act as an advertisement to thieves seeking an opportunity to get hold of some valuable items.

A lowered patio close to the back of the property is the ideal place for any shed to go if you’re looking for top-notch security.

Improved Locks

High-quality hasps or padlocks that provide essential high-security features are an excellent addition to any shed. Strong padlocks are more than capable of ensuring the shed stays shut and isn’t affected by strong winds or damage. Hasps usually feature screws, so you should make sure these are well covered and not at all accessible.

Some thieves who have come well equipped may bring along bolt cutters, so closed shackle padlocks are a great choice as they are especially difficult to break through.


Lights that switch themselves on automatically when someone is nearby are a great addition to any shed security options as they are more than capable of scaring off any potential thieves or intruders. If they’re stubborn enough to remain in the area after the light comes on, they’re much easier to spot on CCTV footage if you’ve got this installed as well.

Shed Doors

Shed doors that are regularly opened and closed may wear out over time, especially if they have to put up with changeable or extreme weather conditions. Try to make sure that your shed possesses strong, sturdy, and thick wooden doors that can shut properly and resist any kicks or physical pressure exerted upon them by thieves or potential burglars.

Security Alarms

Many people have existing alarm systems for their homes, so there’s the option of extending your home security system to your shed as well. If this is particularly difficult to achieve, security alarms specifically designed for sheds are also available. These are usually standalone units and have been proven to significantly decrease the number of attempted burglaries in gardens upon installation.

Sturdy Hinges

When you know that the shed is secure enough, it’s time to install some sturdy hinges that provide that added level of security. It’s important to make sure that these hinges can’t be easily removed, so you need to go for non-returnable security screws or bolts that can’t be easily removed.


If your shed has windows, make sure you cover them during the day or overnight to prevent anyone from seeing the contents. All you really need is a bin bag or any old net curtains to do the job. Just make sure you put them inside the shed and not outside! Thieves are less likely to try their luck at stealing from a shed if they can’t see in.

The Garden Itself

It’s important to not just spend your time reinforcing all the security aspects of the shed itself but also think about the layout of your garden. How easy would it be for an intruder to gain access to your garden and subsequently make their way towards the shed?

In most cases, garden fences or hedges are a great way of keeping intruders out, although you should avoid using any kind of barbed wire as this can make you legally responsible for any injuries caused.

Garden gates are also important as a standard method of security and having gravel scattered around the entrance to your property makes it easier to hear potential burglars surveying the area.


It would be unwise to store all your valuables away in the shed, especially if there’s a high rate of theft and burglary in your area. Should the worst happen, you could lose your whole collection of expensive power tools as well as your specially designed golf clubs, so it’s a good idea to protect your valuables by storing them elsewhere.

Valuables that have been marked are far more difficult to sell, so thieves are likely to be put off by anything that’s got your name on it. All your valuables, including bikes and lawnmowers, should be locked so that they can’t be easily transported without a key.

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