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8 Unusual Furniture Items to Buy for a Home

Updated: 06/16/2024
8 Unusual Furniture Items to Buy for a Home

When furnishing a home, it’s important to stamp a seal of originality on the décor in order to make it one’s own. In doing so, there are plenty of ways to use furniture to create a signature style and make something unique and beautiful.

Take a look through our eight picks for creating a creative look in your home using unusual pieces of furniture.

A Versatile Coffee Table

Making the best use of living area is important in today’s space-constrained homes. However, this doesn’t mean that style has to be sacrificed in order to store everything out of sight.

A sleek, multi-use coffee table would make a perfect centerpiece in any modern lounge. With built-in storage, adjustable surfaces, and durable materials, they can be put to any purpose, from putting out drinks and nibbles to working on a laptop. To create more free space in the room, surfaces can be stowed away to minimize clutter.

Seating and Sleeping

The concept of a sofa-bed isn’t a new one in home furnishing, but there are plenty of unusual takes on the concept that can turn your room into something a little different. Rather than the traditional “rock-and-roll” pull-out bed under sofa cushions, how about something where the seat cushions slide away to create an extreme recliner that’s perfect for sleeping.

If sleeping in the lounge isn’t your thing, such reclining sofas can also be a perfect place to set up for a long night of viewing box sets or playing games consoles.

Stylish Beds

While under-bed storage might be common in many homes, there are a few that provide something a little different to add to your overall room aesthetic. Try, for example, a bed that has a set of bookshelves built into the frame. Or maybe a high bed with workspace beneath is more in keeping with the look you’re trying to create?

Dining Room Style

The gatefold table isn’t a new invention and can in fact seem a little fuddy-duddy until you take a closer look at the new styles that are available from clever modern designers. Take a wooden table with clean lines that has a brushed steel additional surface that can be pulled out when needed and stowed invisibly when not in use, brings both style and utility.

Home Office

If you do any kind of work from home, having space to do that away from your regular living area is great. However, there isn’t always a room in every home to afford the luxury of separating work and life.

A home-office console can afford the space that’s needed to work while folding away neatly when no longer in use. Unlike the old-school concept of writing desks, many pull-out surfaces can be used for laptops, paperwork and stashed away again to minimize how work encroaches on living space.

Stylish Storage

If you’re looking for storage solutions, they don’t have to adhere to the usual cupboard or bookshelf dichotomy. You can find an interesting blend of the two somewhere in between to bring an original look to the room.

Individual cabinets mounted on a lounge or dining room wall can add a sense of otherworldliness as your household items float apparently weightlessly on the walls. Choose a range of colors and shapes to create an individual style.

Hall of Mirrors

The hallway in many homes doesn’t always afford a lot of space, but what it does can be used cleverly for storage and elegance. A tall mirror-fronted cabinet can stow dozens of pairs of shoes out of sight, while the reflective front sheds light and increases the sense of space in an otherwise small room.

Occasional Furniture

In addition to a table as the centerpiece of a lounge, there are other signature pieces that can add something to the look and feel of the room. For example, a side table with a built-in magazine rack can work perfectly as an occasional table or even a place to stash the laptop when not in use. Such individual items create a quirky feel to the room and bring personality as well as functionality.


There are many items of unusual furniture that can greatly enhance a home and give it a truly unique feel.

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