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Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Fat Guys

Updated: 06/16/2024
Holsters For Fat Guys

Concealed carry has its challenges for everybody. No one is immune from the issues that arise. However, what would be a problem for one person is not necessarily a problem for another. There is a perception, perhaps most among those who carry extra weight, that there must be a best concealed carry holster for fat guys. Most fat guys aren’t doing marathons or exercises, so they’re usually less active and less active usually means less exposure of the weapon.

Let’s be real, skinny guys have problems too, trying to figure out where to position their guns. The skinny-skinny guys also struggle to hide anything larger than a handkerchief. You see, you’re not the only one with an issue with concealment. Haven’t you ever considered why the military and police wear baggy battle fatigues? It’s to hide what’s concealed.

Nevertheless, while there is certainly an increase in girth among the heavier fellows, it doesn’t mean each one is going to face a great deal of difficulty when deciding to carry concealed. There are many variables to consider. Think about it, some people sweat a lot, but others hardly sweat at all. Moisture rusts guns. Hence, guys who sweat a lot also have a problem to solve.

Some guys wear their belts over their belly, others wear them on the belly and others wear them below the belly. Where you put your belt will affect the concealability of the firearm. There are as many styles of dress as there are people. Hence, some leave their shirts hanging out, others tucked in and there are those who wear tucked-in with a sweater, vest or jacket.

When individuals first consider concealed carry, they fall into an almost paranoia that others will see their weapon and a reasonable amount of concern is justified. But the fact is, people are not looking for your weapon and unless you are wearing something that forces the outline of the gun to stand out, called printing, it probably will never be observed. Now, you have to consider what clothes do when moving. Hence, if your weapon is barely covered by a shirt and you bend over, you’ve got problems.

OWB Holster

Desantis E-GAT Slide Holster

Minimalist Holster for Shield 9mm

The E-Gat Slide works with both revolvers and autos and is offered only in black-finished top-grain leather. It is available for most medium & large autos and most small-frame revolvers.

As a fat guy, you would not want to use an on the waistband (OWB) holster unless it was made specifically to draw the butt of the gun in towards the body, such as the DeSantis E-Gat design, which has a belt loop on the body of the holster and a posterior loop that draws the grip of the gun in towards the body.

IWB Holster

The usual preference here, instead, would be an inside the waistband (IWB) holster, minimalist in design. There are many clips that are made to fasten directly on the gun and become part of it. However, they are normally sold for the smaller sized .380 – 9 mm guns.

LE Versacarry Inside The Waistband Ambidextrous Gun Holster

Comfortable Way to Carry Concealed

With its easy on/off design and 75% less holster bulk, the Versacarry is great for deep concealment. Versacarry is designed to be minimal, quick to use, and highly effective at accommodating a variety of firearm configurations.

A simple clip-like design but more substantial and separate from the weapon itself, the VersaCarry, is a plastic unit that drops down inside the pant line with a plug onto which the barrel of the gun sits. You can even use one of these attached to a mattress plate to hold your “night-time” weapon close at hand.

Desantis Sof-Tuck Gun Holster with Adjustable Cant

Durable, Lightweight and Soft

The DeSantis Sof-Tuck Gun Holster can be worn in multiple ways by both men and women for safe and comfortable concealed carry. It's made with no-slip suede and reinforced with premium saddle leather at the top for easy drawing and re-holstering.

The DeSantis Sof-tuck is a holster with enough material weight to put a barrier between the gun and your body so as to minimize discomfort, perspiration and possible chaff. This model holster fitted to the particular carry weapon is the holster you can use ninety percent of the time.

Pocket Holster

Then there is the inside the pocket (ITP) holster that may be a good possibility, keeping in mind the limitations of caliber and accessibility that such a holster presents. Sticky Holsters concealed carry holster is a great one for pocket carry for your convenience.

Sticky Holsters Concealed Carry Holster

Quality American Craftsmanship

The sheath is made of a super non-slip material and with a little pressure cleaves firmly to any surface, may it be fabric or skin. It protects your equipment and covers your trigger guard fully but you can still get a good grip on your gear to draw it cleanly.

Shoulder Holster

What about shoulder holsters for fat guys? Forget it. Since there is a physical girth protruding anteriorly (upfront), one would have to overcome that dimension in order to reach the shoulder holster. Well, if you’ve ever tried the shoulder holster, the weapon would fall back so far under the arm that, to be frank, you couldn’t reach across your stomach and chest far enough to get a proper purchase on the weapon in order to make its use safe for you and others.

Cross Draw Holster

BLACKHAWK Ambidextrous A.R.C IWB Holster

Appendix Reversible Carry

The A.R.C. (Appendix reversible carry) IWB holster is designed to be as comfortable as it is versatile. with ambidextrous carry capability, two belt clips and adjustable retention detent. Made of soft yet durable injection molded polymer.

For cross draw holsters, you need to find a way to properly wear them, or it will be a mess. For example, if you take a Blackhawk Standard A.R.C. IWB Holster for an S&W M&P Shield and configure the belt loop to the other side, placing the holster just left of your belt buckle almost horizontal with the belt, you could comfortably place your hand on the grip without issue. But then, if you bring the weak hand over to meet the drawing hand, both hands direct the weapon forward. It works perfectly and without a major sweep horizontally but rather almost swiftly directing the weapon at the target.

SOB Holster

Finally, the small of the back holster (SOB). Just imagine trying to sit against a chair with a gun in the center of your back against your spine. In addition, the process of drawing the gun has its barrel sweep over one’s buttock, back, posterior thigh then around past anything to one’s side before bringing it into a position next to the body. Knowing how the body reacts to stress, you wouldn’t want to risk your butt (literally) getting shot while trying to bring the gun into a firing position. SOB holsters are probably not the way to go for a “fat guy”.

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