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Options for a Car Handgun Holster

Updated: 08/04/2022

Car handgun holsters are typically holsters that can be mounted in your vehicle so you have quick access to your pistol unencumbered by clothing or seatbelts. There are many different types of car holsters out there, and the major difference is where and how you would mount them. Below are some options for a pistol holster for your car. Just like there are 1000s of holsters for your hip and you may love some and hate others, the same goes for vehicle seat hostlers. You will need to think about your application and preferences and go from there.

By Your Knee Holster

By your knee holster is mounted on your driver’s side near the floor on the side of your console. It allows easy access to your pistol as you simply reach down with your strong hand. The downside is that it is close to your gas pedal foot. If you get in and out of your car frequently, you may hit it often, especially if the foot area of your vehicle is rather small. 

In winter, because of the snow and salt, the carpets on the driver’s side are always wet and full of slush and salt and it’s not a great place to keep your expensive pistol. While it is concealed pretty well, you would have to make a downward movement in your car to reach down and get it, then a bad guy may know what you are doing. Also, if you are on the heavier side, reaching down that far may be like doing a sit-up in your car.

In Your Console Holster

If you have a large center console such as are in many full-sized SUVs and trucks, you have a couple of options on how to mount this in your console holster. It can be mounted on the cover as shown. Some owners prefer to mount it barrel down inside the console box as it is easy to get to your gun. You can often lock these consoles for added security in the place of a vehicle pistol safe. The downside of this application is if you keep lots of junk in your console, your gun may not fit. Plus, if you are sitting in your vehicle, every bad guy is going to see you open your console.

Between the Seats Holster

Between the seats holster is a variation of the by your knee install, but better. Again you have quick access to the gun, but you can be more discreet about it. Being able to use this mounting is going to depend a lot on the layout of your vehicle. Some have a large amount of space between the seats and will make this easy, especially if you rarely have someone riding in the passenger seat. If your car has limited space between the seats, you can also mount it more forward of the seat on the side of the console, but even further forward.

On the Seat Back Holster

On the seat back holster is mounted around the base of the seat itself. I am sure you can understand why I think this is the least desirable mounting point. The gun is effectively behind you and in between the door and seat. You would need to draw across your body pretty far to get this gun out, and I suspect that your seat belt may prevent you from making that motion. You can easily test this position by using an old belt or nylon tie to mount your existing holster around your seat.

Between Your Legs Car Holster

I am divided on this style of car seat handgun holster. On the one hand, between your legs car holster would be very easy to draw this gun discreetly as you can have your hand in your lap and easily reach the gun. It is hidden from view if someone looks into your vehicle better than all the mounts except the console holster. Unlike all the other options, this one is not permanently mounted to the car. On the downside, I am not sure if you want to sit on the strap that holds it in place. That is an awfully large buckle! Plus, just like the by your knee holster, I suspect you would hit that thing every time you get in your vehicle and getting it dirty would be both frustrated and irritated.

As you can see, finding a car handgun holster is really a personal choice. It depends a lot on the type of vehicle you have and frankly your physical build. Take some time to play with your options by even taping an old standard holster in place and see if you like the position.

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