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Best Quick Access Gun Safes

Updated: 06/16/2024
a gun in quick access gun safe

Quick access gun safes’ are mainly small-sized handgun or pistol safes with one or two weapon capacity that allow gun owners to have easy access to their guns at any time, especially in an emergency. You don’t want to simply store your guns in a cupboard or drawer because it could cause more harm if your weapons are in the wrong hands, like small children or burglars.

Quick access gun safes can be either mounted or portable. You can hide and mount the gun safes near your bedside, desk and nightstand to keep them out of sight. You can also carry a portable quick-access gun safe with one or two guns easily while traveling.

We have reviewed and selected some of the best quick access safes here with various locking options, gun capacities, and applications.

Our Picks

Best Travel Case: VAULTEK LifePod 2.0

VAULTEK LifePod 2.0

Best Travel Case

This electronic lock operated, full-size capacity safe is the most ideal quick access safe for traveling. The waterproof travel case and interior lighting make it competent in every scenario.

Vaultek LifePod 2.0 is the upgraded version of LifePod 1.0 with a large capacity for a full-size handgun up to 9.25″ long in overall length, 7.25″ in overall width, 2.125″ tall, a removable interior tray for stackable storage organization and a convenient interior LED light.

LifePod 2.0 provides an excellent security performance with an anti-impact latch, a touch-sensitive keypad lock with LED backlit and a manual key lock that can be additionally disabled to prevent picking. With advanced non-metal polymer construction, LifePod 2.0 is lightweight (3.3 lbs) and super durable at the same time.

LifePod 2.0 is airtight, dust proof, water-resistant and can keep your valuables dry in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes and can float. Even without a battery, the LifePod can also be used as a water-resistant case.

What We Like

  • Meets TSA guidelines
  • Excellent for EDC gears like keys, phone, wallet, watch, and more
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery with a battery life of up to one year under normal use.
  • The front rubber keyhole cover disguises a hidden micro-USB port to power the unit in case of a dead battery.

What We Don’t Like

  • The accessory tray may not fit in with a double stack gun
  • Pluck form may need to be purchased separately

Best One Handgun Capacity: SentrySafe QAP1BLX

Our Pick

SentrySafe QAP1BLX

Best One Handgun Capacity

This biometric 12-gauge steel durable quick access gun safe is fast to open. The 9.7" W x 6.6" L x 2.2" H inner size is enough to hold any handgun. Also California DOJ certified.

The SentrySafe QAP1BLX one gun capacity quick access gun safe(interior size 9.7 inch W x 6.7 inch D x 2.2 inch H) features a new fingerprint scanner for advanced protection and interior light for visibility in any situation.

The new fingerprint lock allows users to access their guns with the swipe of a finger that can store up to 10 fingerprints. You can choose to access with the digital keypad or the override key lock when needed. The SentrySafe QAP1BLX safe is equipped with an improved gas strut for long-lasting performance and can instantly pop up open for single-handed access to your handgun.

The safe is constructed with solid 12-gauge steel and a pry resistant door for strength and durable protection. You can anchor and bolt down the safe to prevent it from being easily removed from your home.

If you want two gun capacity, check SentrySafe QAP2BLX.

What We Like

  • California DOJ certification
  • Quick access less than 1 second
  • Nice design and interior size for full-size gun

What We Don’t Like

  • The gas strut may sometimes fail
  • The fingerprint scanner is sometimes finicky

Best Two Handgun Capacity: VAULTEK VTi Full-Size

Also Great


Best Two Handgun Capacity

The 13.7" W x 6.5" L x 2.75" H interior dimensions is capable of securely holding 2 handguns plus extra magazines. With the Vaultek Bluetooth smartphone app, you can view and manage your safe data.

The VAULTEK VTi quick access gun safe can hold two full-size handguns with extra mags with interior dimensions of 13.7″ x 6.5″ x 2.75″. You can mount the safe to nightstands or inside vehicles with the security cable included.

You can have quick access to your guns with an oversized biometric scanner capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, Smart Key Nano, auto-illuminating 8-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor, your smartphone, or manual keys. The VAULTEK VTi also provides a dual access mode that requires both fingerprint and keypad code to access safe. The rechargeable battery provides on the go power for up to 3 months and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit.

The VAULTEK VTi is built with heavy-duty 14-gauge carbon steel features a durable powdercoat finish to prevent corrosion and ensure long-lasting protection. The anti-pry bars, bolstered interior hinges, and dual anti-impact latches keep the safe securely locked under impact. It’s also equipped an impact detection system that can sound an alarm if someone bumps or impacts the safe.

There’s also responsive LED lighting in low light situations so you can locate your safe with the backlit keypad and easily view your safe contents with the interior LED light.

What We Like

  • Quick high resolution sensor
  • 4-8 digits of over 19 million keypad combinations and hotkey shortcuts
  • Bump and impact alarm
  • Big size for two full size firearms and EDC items

What We Don’t Like

  • Fingerprint scanner not 100% works

Best Mechanical Lock: V-Line Brute

Our Pick

V-Line Brute

Best Mechanical Lock

This heavy-duty 10 gauge all steel construction safe with Simplex mechanical lock is the way to go. The 12.5" x 9.5" x 3.6" size is big enough to hold two handguns and magazines comfortably.

V-Line Brute is the perfect solution for keeping handguns and valuables safe and out of reach of the wrong hands. They are constructed of rugged 10 gauge steel finished with tactical black textured powder coating for high-level security and durability.

All V-Line product is fitted with the reliable mechanical five push button Simplex lock. The lock faceplate is surrounded by a 12 gauge steel handle to prevent prying of the lock. You can have quick access to your guns with the keyless lock and gas-assisted strut.

The V-Line Brute is large enough to secure two full size pistols. It is also deep enough to accept pistols with laser sights and other accessories.

They are also equipped with an overlapping lid that almost goes all the way to the bottom of the safe with close tolerances to prevent from prying and have four pre-drilled holes that you can bolt down to a solid surface.

What We Like

  • Solid and reliable Simplex mechanical code lock
  • Heavy duty construction
  • CA DOJ Approved

What We Don’t Like

  • Mounting screws not included

Best Lifetime Warranty: Fort Knox PB1

Upgrade Pick

Fort Knox PB1

Best Lifetime Warranty

This 10 gauge steel uni-body construction with a 3/16" tamper-resistant wraparound door is practically impossible to break open or even dent. It has a bigger ‎10.5" x 12.5" x 5.25" size for more room and a lifetime warranty.

The updated 2021 version Fort Knox PB1 is equipped with steel housing underneath the lock, 10 gauge steel uni-body construction, a massive 3/16″ tamper-resistant wraparound door, and made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

The Fort Knox PB1 has a thick 10-gauge steel body and a 3/16″ wrap-around door, making this safe practically impossible to break open. Depending on the size of the gun you can easily fit one and potentially fit two.

The heavy duty tamper-resistant hinge is placed under the door to protect it from attack, yet the gas strut makes it easy to lift the heavy door and have it hold itself open for easy access. Four pre-drilled holes in the bottom make it convenient to be bolted down to the floor, a drawer, or any other flat surface.

It features the tried and true Simplex push-button mechanical lock which is fast and easy to use with the potential of 1,081 different combinations.

The antique silver powder coat finish gives a durable yet beautiful look that creates a sense of strength and quality.

What We Like

  • Made in USA with a lifetime warranty.
  • Bigger inner size for more storage

What We Don’t Like

  • Need protection for the keyless locks

Best High Capacity: Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe

Best High Capacity

This 9" H x 9" W x 12" D large size gun safe is able to hold 3 handguns at the ready and 2 handguns flat, with a max capacity of 5 guns. It's also California DOJ Approved.

The Stealth Handgun Hanger Safe holds your three favorite handguns at the ready position along with space for two more flat on the floor of your safe with California DOJ Approved to hold max five handguns.

The Handgun Hanger Safe comes with a blue illuminating push button electronic keypad with a 6 digit combination. The lock comes with audible feedback and an optional silent mode for ultimate Stealth. You can also use access using the biometric fingerprint scanner or the override key.

The safe has 2-piece steel door 3/8″ thick with anti-pry tabs and high strength locking latch – straw and pick proof. Users can have fast access to their guns with the spring loaded door that will quickly drop right after the correct code is entered.

What We Like

  • Large 3-5 gun capacity
  • Strong box body

What We Don’t Like

  • Electronic access could be more stable

Best Slim Size: VAULTEK Slider


Best Slim Size

This slim vertical safe with an exterior dimension of 11.25" H x 9" W x 2.6" L can hold a max firearm length of 8.875" plus 1 spare magazine. It stores great under a desk or nightstand, a bookshelf, or in a vehicle inconspicuously.

The VAULTEK Slider series can hold a max firearm length of 8.875″ plus 1 spare magazine. The slim design offers inconspicuous placement on nightstands, under desks, and even vehicles.

The slider series includes a mounting plate that allows for multiple mounting configurations, including standard VESA 75mm and 100mm hole patterns, and allows the safe to be removed from the mounting plate in seconds by an authorized user.

16-gauge carbon steel construction with a durable finish prevents corrosion and ensures long lasting protection of your firearm for years to come and a single anti-impact latch that keeps the safe securely locked under impact.

The VAULTEK Slider can be quickly accessed with an oversized biometric lock capable of storing 20 unique fingerprints, 5-digit keypad with built-in proximity sensor, your smartphone, or manual keys. It’s compatible with smart key and smart safe technology with a highly interactive experience from your smartphone to manage and open the safe within Bluetooth range. You can easily toggle Bluetooth on/off using the available hotkeys if desired and still maintain all other safe functions.

A rechargeable LITHIUM-ION battery provides on the go power for up to 4-6 months and charges in 2.5 hours with the included micro-USB charging kit.

What We Like

  • Slim and quick access
  • Nicely designed

What We Don’t Like

  • Need to make sure your gun can fit in before purchase

Best Vertical: GunVault SV500

Our Pick

GunVault SV500

Best Vertical

This vertical gun safe is easy to mount with a protective foam liner to protect your guns from scratch. The 2.75" H x 5.75" W x 8.5" D interior dimension is big enough for your big handgun. California DOJ approved.

The GunVault SV500 SpeedVault has a solid construction made of 18-gauge steel and high strength electronic lock mechanism that is virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools. It also includes two backup override keys to ensure your access in any event.

The soft foam interiors protect your valuable guns from damage and help to prevent rattling.

When opening the SV500 safe, the interior courtesy light is activated to illuminate your handguns in low-light situations.

GunVault also has your back with their 5 year exclusive full warranty to fire and burglary.

What We Like

  • Large inner size for full size guns
  • 5 year warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Drains batteries fast and no low battery indicator may not function

Quick Access Gun Safe Buying Guide

There are various types of quick access gun safes on the market today, from hidden bedside gun safes, portable handgun safes to rifle gun safes that can be fast accessed. This quick access gun safe buying guide includes all the essential factors buyers should consider before purchasing your ideal gun safe.

Start here if you’re looking for the best quick access gun safe for your home.

Dimension and Size

The dimension of the safe is critical. Though all gun safes may be labeled one or two gun capacity, the internal size may vary a lot. Ensure the safe’s inner size is large enough to hold your big size or full-size guns like Glock 17 before purchasing.

If you need to mount the gun safe, such as on the nightstand drawer, make sure the exterior size of the safe fits the space. The outer size should not extend the space for proper installation.

Types of Guns to Store

What types of guns do you need to keep in the quick access gun safe? Small guns like handguns or pistols and long guns like shotguns or ar-15 rifles would require completely different interior space and exterior size of the safe.

Besides the guns, if you need to store extra gun accessories such as ammo, optics, scopes, and mags or other everyday carry essentials, possessions and valuables such as cash, keys, jewelry, or documents which might take up extra space in the safe, you might need to consider buying a bigger gun safe.

Gun Capacity

The capacity of the quick access gun safe is another critical factor that primarily determines the size of your gun safe. Commonly, there are single gun, 2-gun, 4-gun, and 5-gun capacity quick access gun safes popular on the market with digital lock entry or biometric access for both short and long firearms such as pistols or rifles.

The gun safe capacity labeled by manufacturers is usually theoretical numbers for regular-size guns for advertising purposes. These guns will be compactly stored in the safe if you want to make full use of the maximum capacity.

Unlike other gun safes, quick access gun safes need to be fast to open, and the guns should be easy and quick to access. When the guns are packed closely in the safe, it’s not easy and time-consuming to instantly take out the guns when in an emergency.

When buying a quick access gun safe, look for a larger gun capacity or the same gun capacity with a large interior size to make sure you can easily pick one of the guns when in need, especially for multi-gun capacity safes.

Types of the Gun Safe

Portable Gun Safe

Portable quick access gun safes are usually one gun or two gun capacity pistol handgun safes that allow customers to carry the safe with them when they travel. The portable gun safes can provide decent protection to the firearm and can be quick to pop up open with the help of the gas strut for users to immediately access the guns.

Most portable quick access handgun safes can be fixed with a steel security cable or mounted firmly to surfaces by bolting down via pre-drilled holes in the safe.

Hidden Gun Safe

Hidden quick access gun safes provide higher security protection. Hostile visitors, intruders, and burglars will have more difficulties finding your firearm and the gun safe to use your weapons against you.

Hidden gun safes can be completely invisible such as gun concealment furniture safes, in-wall safes, or partially hidden but not easy to find, such as safes under bed or mounted onto the side of a cabinet or desk.

Bedroom Gun Safe

The bedroom is the most demanded place for a quick access gun safe, and users can instantly get access to your firearm with a gun safe near your bed. These bedside quick access gun safes can be placed anywhere you like, from under the bed, in the bed frame, or next to the nightstand.

Car Gun Safe

Some gun owners prefer to have a loaded gun in their vehicle for safety. A quick-access car gun safe is necessary to keep your gun secure from accidental discharge or being stolen, and gun owners can fast access your guns in case of an emergency. Some vehicle gun safe also includes a bladder for easily firm mounting in your car without extra work.

In Wall Gun Safe

In-wall gun safes can be hidden behind a mirror for camouflage or visible like a regular gun safe. They are more difficult for thieves to break or take away compared to standalone safes because the safe is entirely wall mounted.

These wall mount gun safes take up no extra space in the room and can be a good option if homeowners plan to have a reliable gun safe for a long time.

Regular Gun Safe

Any regular, standard gun safe can turn into a quick access gun safe with an upgrade to a high-performance electronic or biometric safe lock. If you don’t need to purchase another safe dedicated for emergency quick-access, simply upgrading your current corner or standalone gun safe with a quick access lock might be a good idea.

Types of Gun Safe Locks

The locking mechanism is also important to look at because the lock type determines how you get access to your firearm. For most people, the optimal option might be a quick access gun safe with a fingerprint scanner, an electronic digital lock and a mechanical backup override key lock.

Electronic and Fingerprint Lock

Electronic code locks or keypad locks are the standard locking option that is widely used on quick access gun safes. They are easy to use, program and fast to access.

If you want to get to your guns even faster, you can choose a biometric lock that allows you to get in your safe with fingerprints only within one second. The biometric scanner may sometimes fail to recognize your fingerprints, so we’d recommend you not use a gun safe with biometric access alone. You should at least have a key lock for the backup override. More preferably, a quick access gun safe with fingerprint and electronic code lock may be the optimal option.

Nowadays, most electronic locks have backlit keypads that allow people to see the numbers in the dark. What’s more, many electronic locks have a silent entry mode that allows customers to access the safe without a sound.

Most electronic locks are battery-powered, and some can be recharged. Beware that some electronic locks drain batteries pretty fast, and you need to replace batteries frequently. Choose an electronic lock with a longer battery lifespan and avoid buying those safes that eat batteries too quickly.

Mechanical Lock

If you don’t trust electronic locks or don’t want to worry about the batteries all the time, you can choose a gun safe with a mechanical lock. Mechanical locks are easy to operate and fast to open too, and of course, they don’t rely on batteries.

The mechanical code locks used on gun safes are usually high quality and dependable, such as the Kaba Simplex brand, which has a long history and is reputable in the mechanical combination lock industry. You can definitely trust them. The locks are robust, reliable, and tested by time.

Key Lock

Key locks are not popular on quick access gun safes because key locks are not quick to open, and you need to find and keep the keys secure too.

Key locks are mostly used as the backup lock option along with electronic locks. When the electronic lock fails, gun safe owners can use the backup keys to override and open their gun safe.

Key locks also have their advantages as they rarely fail compared to electronic locks. If you prefer to use keys and want a reliable quick access gun safe, especially when you need to carry the safe with you, you can choose key lock gun safe.

What’s More to Consider

Security Level of the Gun Safe

We are not looking for extreme child or security protection on quick access gun safes, but adequate security is a must.

The gun safe should at least provide decent security protection that can prevent children, nosy guests, or burglars from quickly getting it open.

Stability of the Gun Safe

Most quick access gun safes pop up open after we open the lock so we can get our guns faster. Sometimes, the door would jam and can not open correctly, and the electronic or mechanical locks may fail as well, thus preventing us from getting the guns out successfully.

The gun safe should always be stable and reliable every time we get it open. The stability of your quick access gun safe is always a crucial factor.

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