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Make Your Windows Look Awesome With These Blind and Curtain Ideas

Updated: 06/16/2024
Blind And Curtains

Blinds and curtains are the finishing touches to a room, so with that in mind, it’s important you get it right when decorating a room in your home. Different types of blinds and curtains can create a theme that makes a room look bigger, cozier, and more. Here are some curtain and blind ideas to make your windows look awesome:

Natural Stick Blinds

Natural stick blinds can look great in any room, especially in a room with neutral colors. They work well in rooms such as the dining room, even pairing them with cream colored curtains. The blinds will usually be a tan shade, so cream curtains will really stand out against them. If you have a big room, get tall curtains that drop to the floor to really accentuate it.

Matchstick Blinds

Matchstick blinds look great in a house or kitchen with a cottage theme. They are usually a darker shade than the natural stick blinds, a much darker brown. Pair with dining chairs and tables of a similar shade, and don’t forget to match your vintage-inspired cabinets.

Once you have the blinds in place, you can customize further by using another neutral colored curtain to go with them, such as light grey. Match the tablecloths, chair cushions, and place settings with the curtains for a pulled-together look.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains or curtains that are partly sheer with a hint of a pattern on them can really help bring light into a room. They’re a good choice for rooms that can appear dark and dreary or small rooms that you want to appear bigger. They’re also a good choice for a children’s playroom, as kids need lots of light to develop and will have way more fun. If you want a curtain/blind combo, choose a sheer blind to match the curtains.

Multiple Curtains

For a look that’s sleek and modern, multiple curtains can look good on an extra large window, or windows and glass doors. Set them up so they frame the door and then every window after the door. Creamy-colored curtains look great when doing this, and you can also pair them with some bamboo blinds to achieve an oriental look.

Country Curtains

For a country feel to your kitchen with added brightness, choose red and white checkered curtains. To go with them, wooden tables and chairs of a light color work really well, and choose unique paintings and an authentic-looking clock to go on the wall. Then all you need to do is make some homemade jam, and you’ve got yourself a country kitchen!


For a look that’s fresh and clean, choose a monochrome theme with your curtains and blinds. If you like the look of both blinds and curtains, choose a black blind and a white opaque curtain. Black curtains can sometimes dull a room too much, so this way, your room will look welcoming, sunny, and bright. Keep bits and bobs hidden away, and keep your sheets pure white for a clean and sleek look.

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