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Why Need a Halogen Dimmer Switch

Updated: 06/16/2024
Halogen Dimmer Switch

Halogen lights have been used for cars and entertainment purposes for quite a long time. In the past couple of decades, halogen lights have also become pretty popular for private use, with many fashionably designed lighting devices available for interior decoration. But if you’re planning to use halogen-based lighting in your home, you’ll probably want a halogen dimmer switch. Why? Well, that’s what you’re about to find out.

What Is a Halogen Light Bulb

Most people would think a light bulb is a light bulb, which is partially true in the case of halogen light bulbs. The usage of a halogen dimmer switch is recommended because halogen lights have significantly different properties from standard light bulbs. 

Halogen light bulbs use an internal filament made of tungsten and are filled with halogen gases based on iodine or bromine. The simple fact that tungsten is also used in the manufacture of armor-piercing bullets might give you a clue about how much of a difference there is between normal light bulbs and halogen light bulbs. Tungsten and halogen gasses can cause a stronger heat and light reaction in a light bulb, so typical halogen lights are brighter and hotter than standard light bulbs. 

Basically, the usage of a halogen dimmer switch ensures that you can lower the intensity and heat output of a halogen lamp. Having several halogen light sources can be convenient in a home, but it might also be a severe nuisance on hot summer nights where these can increase your room temperature. Using air conditioning and halogen lighting in your home during summer can wreak havoc on your electrical bills. A halogen dimmer switch can take care of that.

How Does a Halogen Dimmer Switch Work

A halogen dimmer switch typically operates on the same basis as any other light dimming switch. A halogen dimmer can be connected where a standard on/off light switch is usually connected, and you can then use it to regulate the intensity of the lights in a room. This is achieved by decreasing or increasing the amount of electricity going through to the halogen light bulbs in your lamps, chandeliers, or wall lights. A typical halogen dimmer has a radial dial that regulates the intensity of the light, while pressing the dial directly acts as an on/off switch for the lights.

Why Use a Halogen Dimmer Switch

Using a halogen dimmer has more purposes than just saving up on your electrical bills. For instance, having a light source that you can dim freely can be used with quite an effect for romantic dinners. There’s nothing worse than ruining the mood of a night by having glaring light all around you, but lowering the lighting at the right time can contribute significantly to the general mood

But if you’re planning to use halogen lights and a halogen dimmer, there are a couple of things you should know. First of all, halogen lights have different handling precautions due to their increased heat rating. You should never touch halogen bulbs with your bare hands, not even while they’re cold. This is because your own resident fingerprints may cause spots on the light bulb to heat up more than usual, thus shortening the life span of the halogen light bulb drastically. Basically, when using a halogen dimmer and halogen lights, always install halogen light bulbs with gloves, or at least clean them thoroughly after installation.

Where to Get a Halogen Dimmer Switch

There are many types and models of halogen dimmer switches and they can be bought at all local or online stores where you usually buy your halogen bulbs. When you are buying a halogen dimmer switch for your halogen bulb, make sure you check on the compatibility of the halogen dimmer switch with the model of your halogen bulb, with other words, you should make sure that the halogen dimmer switch and the halogen bulb are right for each other.

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