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How Intruders Target and Rob Your Household

Updated: 12/26/2023
how intruders target household

Plenty of folks think a burglary would most likely not happen to them, and we typically have a misleading sense of safety and security in our neighborhoods. We have listened to people say things such as, I live in a safe and sound neighborhood or a gated community.

A handful of other famous sayings are – my next-door neighbor is a law enforcement agent, I’m a gun owner, or I have a watchdog. All these things are great, but the fact is over seven thousand properties are burglarized every day. It must also be indicated that home burglars are the most successful thieves – below two out of ten ever get caught. So how do they do this?

They Examine Your Routine

They examine your community to know your routine and your next-door neighbors’ schedule. Thieves normally drive through the community a few times, even at various times of the day. They need to get an idea of when there is no one home or get an understanding of your next-door neighbors’ hours also.

A neighborhood watch is always good. Always watch for unfamiliar faces and vehicles in your community. Make a mental note of parked cars and people hanging about for very long amounts of time. Make your neighbors get involved, and This may be the best defense against burglars – good old fashioned watchfulness.

They Know You

The more disturbing part is a lot of robberies are carried out by friends or acquaintances. Don’t preclude people you know or friends of friends, a good volume of burglaries are executed by people who have knowledge of your schedule, what you possess in your house, and who your family members are. In some cases, police don’t have to look too far to uncover the culprit.

Be careful who you let into your house. Pointless to say on this, keep the number of individuals coming inside your home small. Have social events with friends in pubs or other common places. Get as much information and facts on people that come into your home. An effective time to inquire is when they are in your home. Try to get to find out who they are, what they do, where they reside etc.

They Are Opportunists

They are opportunistic and careful about which home they single out. It appears the corner residence gets robbed greater than the middle home. If you reside at the end of a cul-de-sac, you may be a target also. Folks that live in these properties may also have woods in their back yard or may back into a major street or road. Cut your lawn, keep your shrubs cut and well maintained.

A disordered lawn, uncontrolled shrubs, and bushes could tell a burglar no one is home, or a sloppy exterior could possibly show the house is unoccupied. Also, it’s suggested to install a security light to spot the intruders when they come near your house.

They Prefer Burglary, Not Invasion

Robbers normally don’t want a potential fight. The main reason robbers canvass the community is to make sure there is no one home to confront them.

Vacant homes could indicate easy pickings, robbers also consider the punishment, if someone is in the property during a burglary the crime becomes a home invasion, people could get injured or assaulted, home invasions are a much bigger crime, and they get more time.

The majority of these criminals are opportunists as mentioned earlier, and they want to break in and get hold of what they can and be on their way. An excellent way to prevent intrusion is to purchase a home security system from a reputable company.


The best way to prevent a burglary from happening is not being on their list in the first place. Protect your home well enough to let the intruders think your homes are not an easy target, and they will give up.

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