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Home Protection Tips While You’re Away

Updated: 06/26/2024

While most people mistakenly believe that relying on cutting-edge electronic security systems is enough to keep their homes as protected as can be when they’re somewhere else, the truth is you only need to know a few pointers to get the same results without dishing out a fortune in the process.

If you’re looking to know the secrets of how to keep your home extra safe even when you’re away, then this is the place to be. Below you will find useful tips and hints that are guaranteed to help you get the job done in no time at all.

Secure All Your Doors and Windows Before Leaving

Sure you may already have your hands on the most expensive protection devices available on the market but failing to make sure if they’re really doing the job before you leave the house is absolutely a recipe for disaster.

Apart from making sure that you’ve locked all of your doors and windows properly, keep in mind to give them a hefty tug or two to test if they’re really holding up like they’re supposed to.

Leave Some of the Lights On

Authorities report that burglars usually avoid dwellings with the lights switched on since they think that somebody’s inside and can easily thwart off their criminal efforts.

If you need to leave the house during the evening or late afternoon, make sure you leave a few of your lights on before going to deter potential intruders from breaking in. Go for the living room and kitchen lights if you can’t decide which ones to choose.

Keep Your Yard as Open as Possible

Although nothing beats having your yard landscaped to give it an extra boost of aesthetics, going over the top with it can easily lead to a break in the least you expect. When planning a landscaping project, always keep in mind to pick shrubs and plants that don’t get too tall and thick over time since they can inadvertently provide cover for criminals looking to get inside your dwelling.

Forget about bulky statues and other ornaments that unwanted visitors can use to scale your walls and windows, too. Maintain a very open space in your yard and you’re pretty much good to go.

Ask a Neighbor to Keep an Eye Out for Your Home

Asking a neighbor or family member living close by to “house-sit” your home for a while is perhaps one of the most practical ways you can keep your dwelling extra safe even when you are away.

Don’t forget to also ask them to collect newspapers, magazines as well as other delivered items on your porch to avoid giving burglars the idea that your place is unoccupied and it’s a juicy target for a break-in.

Be Familiar With a Reliable Locksmith

When you know a dependable locksmith, you’re guaranteed not to have any problems with your home’s security devices when you need them the most. Besides helping you make sure that you’ve got them installed the right way, they won’t be breaking down all of a sudden when you are familiar with a reliable locksmith to get the job done.

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