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How to Open a Door Chain Lock or Bar Latch From the Outside

Updated: 06/16/2024
Door Chain Lock

Save from being a very conspicuous activity, oftentimes you’ll find yourself needing to break into the doors of your own home. Everyone leaves their keys in their cars, and everyone gets locked out of their house sometimes.

They will steer you the right way into successfully breaking and entering your own home. Just make sure you notify the neighborhood.

So you really didn’t want to call the locksmiths, well here is the step-by-step guide you will need to follow to get back into your home.

Here are some things you’ll have to procure. The two things you will gather is an envelope and any string-like item (like a rubber band) that you will now manipulate into a pseudo-key.

If you got a hold of a rubber band, it would easily get you into any door with a sliding lock or door chain. Usually, you will only find this dilemma if you are trapped outside your hotel room.

Make sure that you got a thick rubber band, one that can handle a bit of tension but will not snap if you stretch it far. The end result is simple; you are sliding one end of the rubber band onto the lock and the other on the door handle. The down pull of the handle when the door is closed will administer the correct tension and motion to unlatch the chain from the steel. The rubber band should be tied into a loop for these steps to work.

Didn’t find a rubber band but got floss instead? You are in luck because that will work too.

Make sure you have at least a yard worth of string. Tie one end of a loop, similar to if you were about to thread it into a needle. The loop will fasten itself on the circular edge of the chain’s end.

Next you will thread the floss upwards to the top of the door. If you pull it up and away from the lock far enough, the chain should come undone.

Opening a bar lock with an envelope is strangely, even easier. Instead of tugging or manipulating any force or pressure, use the thick envelope slips against the latch of the bar lock and voila. That means you will need to find a suitable, thick envelope, the kind often used for postage mailing. A business letter envelope won’t serve the trick on this one. Simply open the door as wide as you can, and get as much space as it will allow. Next, you just give it a simple push against the two joining ends of each side, and with a bit of giving, it should detach rather easily. If you find this hard on the first try, on the next attempts, go a little steadier. As you are pushing, wiggle the envelope into place.

Remember, these methods are solely when you are in a predicament in your own home. Do not try to exercise this at anyone else’s home or on their property.

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