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Landscaping Ideas That Will Keep Your Home Safe

Updated: 06/16/2024

Adding a touch of landscaping to your property is perhaps one of the best ways to take your home’s elegance and sophistication up a notch in a snap. However, not knowing a few very important pointers can easily make your place a target for thieves looking to break into your dwelling sooner or later.

If you’re looking to take your landscaping know-how to a whole new level without putting your home at risk of being broken into by criminals, then this is definitely the place to be.

Make sure you read on to learn how to protect your dwelling and give it the aesthetics that it needs the safest way possible.

Only Hire Accredited Landscaping Contractors

Always keep in mind to do a background check on the contractors who are willing to take on the landscaping project for your home before sealing the deal. 

Apart from ensuring that they’re really professionals who can get the job done with flying colors, you can also find out if they are not just a bunch of thieves looking to get easy access inside your property.

Keep Clear From Bulky Landscaping Ornaments and Thick Plants

You are already giving criminals an easy point of entry when you go for landscaping ornaments that are simply heavy and bulky. Scratch off getting that bush with dense leaves while you’re at it as well. Thieves can potentially use them as cover when slipping inside your home and escaping back out again.

If it’s big enough to hide a person or used as a ladder to get to windows and other possible openings, then forget about it. No matter how trendy a landscaping ornament may be, steer clear from it if it has qualities that can be exploited by unwanted visitors. Trees and other tall plants that can bear the weight of a person should be avoided, too.

Be Involved in Every Step of the Project

It’s really recommended to be on top of your landscaping project to know what things should be accomplished in a certain time frame and the way they turn out afterward.

This doesn’t mean that you have to get in on the action by setting up bricks or installing garden lights.

You only have to know what needs to be done and if it’s really done. This way, you won’t just be able to make sure that all the things you agreed with your contractor are accomplished, but you’re also expediting the project in the process.

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