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Push Button Light Switches

Updated: 06/26/2024
Push Button Switch

How many types of light switches do you know and how do they work? Basically, all switches perform the same tasks, though differently. The push button light switch is operated by pushing in a knob, just as its name suggests. To turn it off, you press it again, and the opposite task is executed.

Advantages of Push Button Switches

Are you wondering what the ideal light switch for your home is? Here are some benefits of the push button light switch over the others that make it among the best.


The push button light switch plates are used to anchor these switches, thus making accessibility and operation of these switches extremely convenient. You know which switch works for what light bulb, thus very ideal.

Ideal for Emergencies

One of the reasons why the push buttons are handy is their capability to deal with emergencies. Pressing the switch automatically cuts off the power supply instantly, thus preventing a disaster from happening.

Various Brightness Levels

The push button light switch dimmer is used to achieve a dim light. Dim light is necessary for various applications, especially setting the right mood in your dinner or living room for various occasions. Do you want to create a romantic feel in your house? The dimmer switch will help you achieve this effect conveniently.

Security Switch

These switches are widely used for military and defense applications. The push button light switches may have light indicators to show whether they are on or off, especially the ones that spring back to position after pressing. The switches that are used for security reasons have push button light switch covers and only authorized personnel can access them.

How to Choose Push Button Switches

When buying the light switch, what factors do you need to consider? Here are great buying tips that can help you buy the right switch.

Flat or Raised Plate

While this may not in any way affect the functionality of the switch, it may have a significant effect on the overall look of your home. Flat plates are considered more sleek and sophisticated, thus preferred over the raised plates.

Screwed or Non-screwed

For a more appealing look, the non-screw plates are more desirable. They are affordable, stylish and thus very appealing. You can even paint your home without the need of masking tapes. They are absolutely convenient and a good choice for your home.


Light switches are available in a number of finishes that all work towards enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as their functionality. There are polished chrome, brushed steel and black nickel finishes that are so common in the market.

When you are buying push button light switches for your home, these are some of the considerations that you can put in place to ensure that you get the right product for the right task. You can even have the remote control light switch for more convenience.

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