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Tips for Using Led Strip Lights

Updated: 06/26/2024
Tips for Using Led Strip Lights

LED strip lights are flexible, thin strips of lights that can be installed anywhere in your home, office, or garden area. The UL listing of the lights will indicate whether they should be used indoors or out. With the right strand of strip light, you can have a unique lighting solution for nearly any area in your home.

For example, you could use them to highlight a wall, ceiling, or floor in a room, or even use them to create a unique accent in a corner or above a bed. They are also great for creating mood lighting and can be used to create the perfect atmosphere for entertaining.

The following are some tips for using LED strip lights.


LED strip lights are made with very thin wires that are embedded into a plastic-type epoxy for flexibility and versatility. The LED lights are a superior option to traditional lighting for many reasons. The affordability of using LED lights instead of traditional lighting is one of the main advantages that you may notice. You can use an LED light, even multiple strands of LED lights, for just a fraction of the cost of using traditional lighting options. You can also depend on these lights to remain cool, even when used for an extended amount of time. It is usually recommended to turn off all lights when not in use, however.

These LED strip lights are also convenient and easy to install. You will be able to use several different types of fasteners to attach the lighting to the cabinet, shelf, or trim that you want to add lighting to. The most popular type of fastener for these thin strips is small brackets made from plastic that screw into the wall or ceiling for inside and outdoor home installation. These small brackets provide permanent suspension for the light strip, so take your time and plan the space before adding the brackets.

Installing Light Strips

The LED light strips that you install will vary based on the type of LED lighting that you are using. There are several main types of lights ranging from small strips that are installed on cars to much longer strips that are used outdoors for lighting in lawns and gardens. Here are some of the most common types of LED lighting and its installation:

You can add small LED lights to the trunk, wheels, and sides of your car for some sparkle while driving. These lights can also provide function when added to the trunk area. To install, you need to choose lights made for this purpose and cut the strip to the size needed. Use a clear sealant on the cut end for improved weather resistance and attach to the area desired using a double-sided adhesive.

When using small strips of LED lighting inside the home, you will want to attach the lights using small screw-in brackets every twelve to eighteen inches. These lights are perfect for the top of shelves to illuminate decorations and in open cabinets.

When using LED light strips in the garden, make sure that you choose a light strand that is UL approved for use outdoors. You may need to use a much longer strand of lights to illuminate walkways, paths, and patios. To install, you will want to have a surface to run the light strips on, whether you choose a kit that has everything you need, or you make a do-it-yourself surface for the lights. Read through the instructions for use carefully to ensure your installation is as safe as possible.

LED light strips have dozens of uses in the home, garden, and office. With the proper installation, you will easily be able to use the LED lighting for many months to come. LED lighting is actually well-known as being one of the longest-lasting types of lighting available. The small bulbs can also be replaced individually as needed to make the strip last much longer than any ordinary light bulb.


Your LED strip lights may need some additional supplies to work properly. There are also some accessories that will make using the light strips more convenient, such as dial-type controls that attach to the wall. The dial is turned to control the brightness and hue of the lights. You may also need to have an extension cord, connectors for more than one set of lights, and sealant if you plan on cutting the light strips for use. Accessories can also include voltage converters that make it possible to use these light strips with varying amounts of power inputs.

Many of the accessories that you will find are focused on making the LED strip lights much simpler to use. For instance, the touchpad controls that you can find on the market allow you to change the look of your lighting with a single finger while providing you with a way to power your lights, as well. Typically, you will need to have a power outlet nearby to use your lights. An extension cord with the proper voltage can be invaluable when lighting the outdoors. Make sure that your extension cord is also UL listed for using outside, however, or the cord won’t be safe.

Furthermore, There are dimmable strip lights and motion-activated strig lights available for added convenience.


When using LED strip lights, you have hundreds of options to choose from. You may want to add lighting that is invisible to shelves or cabinets, light steps or stairwells, or even light a room without a central light fixture. All of these things and more are possible when you choose strip lighting. You can run the strips along the base of each stair for an attention-drawing display or use the light strip to highlight the base of an outdoor fountain.

LED strip lights are also often used under cars for display. These lights are most often colored blue or another unusual color to highlight the automobile. You can choose from many different colors, including light white, bright white, purple, and blue.

With the many different options available for using these LED lights, you will find there is something for any room in your home. Your lighting options don’t have to be complicated to install, either. As long as you have the right accessories, your LED strip lights can be installed quickly and easily without hiring a professional. You may want to have some basic tools on hand to install, such as a drill and screwdriver.

In summary, these tips are intended to give you a better understanding of how to use LED strip lights. You will have a much easier time installing them if you know what you are doing.

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