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Why Buy LED Garden Lights

Updated: 06/16/2024
home garden led light

When it comes to outdoor garden lighting, there are a lot of options out there. You can choose from a variety of different types of lights, such as LED lights, traditional incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, fluorescent bulbs, and more. However, there is one type of light that is considered the best: LED garden lights.

What Are LED Garden Lights

The invention of the LED or light emitting diode has proved to be inspiring. Its introduction into outdoor lighting in the form of LED garden lights has produced some fantastic changes in applications. LEDs have some immediate benefits for all of us outdoor light enthusiasts. They are not actually bulbs, but a type of semi-conductor, which is where a lot of the advantages come from.

Benefits of LED Garden Lights

  • They are very bright. About 4-5 times brighter than normal bulbs
  • They have a long life. On average, your LED garden lights should stay glowing for about 40,000 hours
  • They are money-saving. Yes, they really are, as they use about 80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs
  • They are safer as the LED does not heat up as much as other lights.
  • They are cheaper. You will notice that LED garden lights, such as LED deck lights are much cheaper than the low voltage outdoor lighting alternatives
  • They are generally more rigid. So for outdoor lights like outdoor fairy lights, they can stand the battering of the seasons and clumsy feet and fingers a lot better

5 Types of LED Garden Lights

LED Deck Lights

There really is an amazing range of applications. LED deck lighting has proved to be immensely popular with LED deck lights of all sorts springing up to replace their originators. LED landscape lighting proves to be incredibly popular year after year, with a real variety of great LED landscape lighting kits being some of the bestsellers around

LED Outdoor Fairy Lights

LED outdoor fairy lights, of course, are derived from indoor Christmas tree lights. But they have grown in popularity due to how beautiful they are. The best outdoor fairy lights sets can be bought pretty cheaply online but be very effective.

LED Landscape Lighting

Of course, landscape lighting covers a huge range and variety of LED garden lights. From the simple and safety-orientated LED path lights, through floodlights and more decorative items such as color-changing globes and LED garden accent pieces that provide a focal talking point.

LED Wall Lights

When used in wall lights, the effect is to produce a great atmosphere while still providing workable light. LED wall lights also have the added advantage, as with all LED garden lights, in that they don’t attract the insects as much.

LED Solar Lights

The LED lends itself perfectly to outdoor solar lighting. The low power consumption means a greater lighting up time for less charge. The big thing is that they are free to run. The range is huge, including solar patio string lights, solar deck lights, solar lights for fence posts, and outdoor solar lanterns to name just a few.

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