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10 Tips on Buying the Right Safe

Updated: 12/26/2023
10 Tips Buying Safe

With so many features and designs available for home and office safes, you may get overwhelmed by their wide range of selections. Here are some useful points that can help you decide on the kind of safe that you should buy.

On the Items That You Intend to Store

The selection of safe would depend on the item that you intend to store. For instance, with your insurance papers, wills, checks, receipts, and certificates, a fireproof or fire-resistant safe would be an ideal choice. However, storing more sensitive items such as USBs, CDs and hard disks would require a heat resistant and thoroughly insulated storage compartment or a data safe.

Consider Fire Safe Rating

Virtually all safes are designed to be fire-proof or fire-resistant. In this manner, they are rated depending on their capacity to withstand different ranges of temperature. Fire safe ratings also determine the safe’s capacity to prevent heat from acting up inside its compartment. This information is important especially when you intend to store computer media, films and disks, which are heat sensitive and can melt at extremely high temperatures.

UL Listed vs. UL Rated and Tested

If a product says that it is tested to UL standards, it does not necessarily mean that it has passed that quality assurance test. A product that passes UL tests is UL listed. You can check out some online resource library to make sure that the product you intend to buy is UL listed.

Fireproof Capability

Be cautious of the UL rating and UL listing of the safe that you wish to take, especially when you are to store highly sensitive items such as software, chips, disks, films and other multimedia device components.

Weight Specifications

If you plan to install a safe on the flooring of your house or office, make sure that the composition of the floor can support the weight of the safe. This is an important point especially when you intend to install an underfloor safe at your office or home in a high-rise building. Have an engineer come in to do a prior inspection before you decide on buying and installing a safe.

Determine How Many Hours of Fire Protection Are Needed

You may or may not have experienced a fire drill. It is actually an activity on which people practice survival mechanisms in cases of home or building fires. If you have such experience, take note of the time elapsed between the instant that fire alarms were triggered and the arrival of the firemen. This will help you determine which UL rating of fireproof safe you should buy.

Do You Need Extra Security

With the use of modern safe designs, safes have acquired a number of useful features. Some of which are offered in combination as incorporated in especially designed safes. To make sure that the product delivers its features within factory specifications, take note of its UL rating for quality assurance.

Interior Accessories

Safes are priced with empty interiors. If you need to be organized, you can add some shelves and other interior accessories when you buy your own safe.

Security Lock Grades

Safes are typically installed with locks that offer varying levels of security. When deciding which one to take, consider the level of security that you require for your home or office safe.


Buying safes is not like shopping for an item in the store. They are heavy and they need to be delivered to your home. Make sure that the dealer would see fit to the delivery arrangements, serving your convenience.

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