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Benefits of Buying Outdoor Solar Lighting

Updated: 06/16/2024
Benefits of Buying Outdoor Solar Lighting

Unless we have been living in a closet in the Arctic for the last few ten years, there are not many people who haven’t heard of solar power. From its humble beginnings to some of the advanced applications in both the civil and military, it has shown its financial worth and contribution to the environment. We have already shown you how to save a lot of money by fitting outdoor solar lighting. But now, let’s have a look at the reasoning and realities behind that suggestion.

Of course, people have invested in solar power as a form of energy for their businesses and their homes. From small to large, they all make a contribution to cost reduction. Additionally, as technology advances, we will see the flow down of ideas to the leisure industry like garden lights. I anticipate a real push in efficiency and a reduction in size and thickness of the cells and panels needed to power your outdoor solar lighting in future years. This can only help you make your outdoor lighting ideas and design more adventurous and spectacular.

If you consider the photovoltaic cells that are responsible for taking that sunlight and converting it into electricity, currently a square meter of the panel will produce enough energy to power a 100-watt bulb. More than enough for our needs. But the efficiency of the panels that charge your batteries is constantly improving, meaning that the panel sizes can be drastically reduced. Paper-thin solar cells that you can just wrap around a post or put on a flat surface are already being produced in some sectors. It is only a matter of time before these advances are used in some of the solar garden light options, such as solar landscape lighting, outdoor fairy lights, outdoor solar post lighting, and many more.

Of course, solar-powered outdoor lighting has its good and bad points as with anything else. It will save you money and how much depends on your electricity bills, how much you want to spend on the lighting itself, and how long you are prepared to wait to get your investment back. Its green credentials are pretty much beyond reproach, and it is free almost carbon neutral and uses the best sustainable and renewable energy. The only minor downside is the rechargeable batteries. But as long as you dispose of these responsibly once they wear out, there is no problem.

Of course, if you are going to install solar garden lights, you need to be aware of any downside as well. The biggest is, do you get enough sun? I can’t answer that without visiting your garden or outside the apartment space. Obviously, places like California should be no problem. But if you are in a northern state or in milder countries like the UK or Scandinavia, you will have more problems. That said, if you live in the UK, you will have some solar pathway lights, half of which are not in direct sunlight for most of the year. In winter, they still come on but just don’t last as long. In summer, even though still in the shade, they switch on at dark and stay on until about 3 am in the morning.

Outdoor solar lighting does have a few downsides, but they really are minor inconveniences compared to their benefits. As outdoor garden lights, they are clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly, and they also will save you a fair bit on money in the long run. Just do your sums carefully and find out if outdoor solar lights are worth it for your garden.

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