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Concealed Ankle Holster

Updated: 08/15/2023
Ankle Holster

Ankle holsters are another one of those stereotypical concealed carry methods that you will see all the time in movies. A bad guy always has a gun concealed on their ankle that they will try to pull out. They are another option for concealed carry but aren’t as popular as some of the other methods, like inside waistband holsters or shoulder holsters. They are great at deeply concealing a weapon but pay the price when it comes to gun size and accessibility.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of using concealed ankle holsters for carrying a concealed weapon.


The ankle holster is probably the best way to conceal your weapon the deepest. Rarely if ever will your gun be seen by others. No one really notices ankles much when you are wearing pants, and most pants won’t ride up far enough to reveal your holster. 

It is a fairly comfortable method also for carrying your weapon. For many people, this is the method of choice because of its ease and comfort. Those two things alone make it easier to conceal a weapon, and they then carry more often. They say the best concealed weapon is the one you carry every day.


While ankle holsters are great at concealing a weapon effectively and comfortably, they do come with their disadvantages. 

First of all, because of the location, you are very limited on the size of the gun you can carry. I wouldn’t recommend strapping your full-size 1911 on your ankle. Small pistols work best with ankle holsters and can be great for concealed carry when it comes to size, but their limited size, bullet caliber, and capacity make them less than desirable as your primary weapon. They are definitely better than nothing, but you will have to find the right tradeoff between gun size and concealment ability.

They also make your weapon fairly inaccessible in most situations because of the location at your ankle. For most, it takes a while to reach down, slide up your pants, unclip the gun, and draw it, especially when compared to other methods of carrying. One of my biggest gripes about ankle carry is the location of the gun. A holster around my ankle just feels bulky, tends to slide down, and gets uncomfortable for me, but that’s just me. Many people swear by them for daily concealed weapon carry.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that concealed ankle holsters are a great method of concealing your weapon very deeply, with relative comfort and ease. As long as it stays in place and doesn’t slide down your leg, your small pistol will be there when you need it, although it will take some time to draw.

Gun size is also a tradeoff when it comes to ankle holsters. They’re easy to conceal, but small guns are small guns. They have limited capacity and round size but also make the difference between life and death.

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