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Inside Waistband Holster

Updated: 12/26/2023
Iwb Holster

Using an Inside Waistband Holster (IWB) is probably the most popular method of concealed carry today. If you look around, it is easily the most popular concealed carry holster. It is simply a small sized holster that clips onto the pants or the belt and is worn on the inside of the pants. The gun is kept at belt level, so most of the barrel is inside the pants, and usually the grip is above the belt level.

It will depend on your individual situation, but overall, using an inside waistband holster is a great way to carry a concealed weapon with comfort and ease while having it readily accessible at a good draw angle.


This is one of the most popular ways to carry, so it obviously comes with its advantages. It has the ability to be deeply concealed within very easy reach of the shooter. You will always want to have a shirt over the gun itself, which can be either tucked in or left loose, but that will depend on your daily carry clothing selection. 

The IWB holster puts the gun right on your hip for easy access if need be, and because you can adjust the angle the gun is at, this holster provides a very natural and comfortable motion when drawing your weapon. There is also no fiddling around with locks or straps to access your weapon. These holsters are usually very small, and because of their location, they do not need any locks or straps that are needed when strapping a gun to your hip on the outside.


Although the IWB holsters are great, they do have a few disadvantages that make me hesitant to use them regularly. The biggest of those cons for me is the comfort of the gun’s location. Your pants have to be at least ½” – 1″ larger than you normally wear to accommodate for the weapon.

The IWB holsters are usually not the most comfortable for day-in, day-out wear, especially when moving around, sitting, crouching, and anything that involves much movement in your hip area. These holsters also have a tendency to show the handgun’s grip profile when you bend over, sticking out your side, which in the world of concealed carry is not a good thing. You will definitely know your gun is there.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that using an inside waistband holster can be a great option for carrying a concealed weapon if it works out for your carry situation. You aren’t as flexible with the clothes you can wear, and the comfort isn’t as great as other carry methods such as shoulder holsters or bellybands. But overall, it is the most popular method of carrying for a reason, and many people swear by it on a daily basis. It really makes your gun disappear on your profile and can be a great option for carrying.

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