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Deadbolt Locks That You Must Invest In

Updated: 06/26/2024
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The safety of your home inevitably depends upon the kind of locks you invest in. A good quality lock is likely to offer you the security you desire, while a low-quality lock will probably fall short and disappoint you over and over again.

Since locks are the most important pieces of equipment to keep unwanted strangers at bay, you must be wary of substandard locks that are widely available at security hardware stores.

The importance of purchasing high-security locks cannot be stressed enough. A low-quality lock can easily be jimmied and provides minimal protection. In contrast, a high-quality lock is difficult, almost impossible, to break open and can therefore, be relied upon without utmost faith.

One of the best locks that you could acquire for increased security is a deadbolt lock. The lock operates with the help of a unique mechanism that is considerably different from the usual spring-bolt locks. You cannot open a deadbolt lock without moving the lock cylinder. This makes it a more secure choice for people who are particular about their security needs.

There are several types of deadbolt locks that you could invest in. All three types have individual mechanisms and offer different security features.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt

A double cylinder deadbolt lock is similar to a single cylinder deadbolt and also requires a key to unlock.

The primary difference between both the locks is the functioning of the interior. A double cylinder deadbolt locks from both sides and can be unlocked or locked with the help of a key. Even though the mechanism that the lock operates on is slightly complex, it offers greater security since unlocking the door from the outside will not be enough to gain entry into the house. A double cylinder deadbolt lock is mainly used in glass doors.

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock

A single cylinder deadbolt lock has a fairly basic underlying mechanism and is the most commonly used type of deadbolt lock.

The exterior cylinder has an entry point that is operated on using a key. The lock comes with a metal latch that aids the locking and opening of the inner part of the cylinder. Even though a single cylinder deadbolt lock has a fairly basic design, it is apt for the fulfillment of various security needs and offers greater security as compared to an ordinary doorknob.

Keyless Entry Deadbolt Lock

A keyless entry deadbolt lock can be unlocked without the use of a key. Some models come with a complementary key, so you can unlock the door using a key whenever you wish to.

To unlock a keyless entry deadbolt lock, you need to enter a password provided by the locksmith. This type of deadbolt lock is widely used in homes and vehicles and has gained considerable popularity over the years.

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  1. Thank you so much for talking about what double-cylinder deadbolt locks are. This level of security really makes me think about all the times we’ve wanted more peace of mind here at home, and I can see this solving that problem. Once I find a locksmith in the area, I’ll definitely ask them for some deadbolts.


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