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Holster Manufacturer: Falco Holsters

Updated: 06/16/2024

Falco Holsters is a smaller gun holster company but they make some of the best gun holsters, including nylon gun holsters, leather gun holsters, duty gun holsters, and concealment holsters. Just because Falco is a family-operated business doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the best. Falco holsters are regarded by many to be some of the best gun holsters out there.

Falco Holsters started out in 1989. Now with more than 30 years in the industry, Falco has become a trusted name for gun holsters made of leather and nylon products. All of the Falco holsters and other Falco products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty. If you have an item that needs to be returned, you will have to contact Falco within 30 days and receive authorization for the return. 

Falco holsters are available in many varieties. Let’s take a look at the types of Falco holsters available and the variations that you can choose from.

Leather Gun Holsters

All Falco holsters are 100% handmade and use only the highest quality leather with the strongest and most durable thread for stitching seams. Each holster is hand molded to fit each specific gun perfectly. The design on the Falco leather holsters is unique to make each holster comfortable to wear.

Nylon Gun Holsters

Falco nylon gun holsters are made from sturdy nylon with straps that are of the highest quality. The Velco fasteners guarantee a great fit and long-lasting holster life. The main stress points on these Falco holsters are also reinforced to provide the longest lasting, most durable product possible. These nylon gun holsters allow you to maintain the straps or remove them for an open holster. Each nylon holster is made to fit the exact gun you are ordering it for.

Duty Gun Holsters

All duty holsters and equipment follow the same rigid guidelines listed above.

Other options at Falco holsters include tactical equipment and gift packages. Whatever your leather gun holster or other equipment needs, Falco offers a decent selection with one of the better warranties. With a lifetime limited warranty and international certifications for quality, you can be assured that any products you order from Falco Holsters will be only the best.

The Falco website features videos of some of their products as well as customer testimonials to give you firsthand knowledge of what their products are like and how customers feel about Falco holsters and other Falco products. Most of the Falco holster reviews we have read were very positive. People love the genuine high-quality leather and the beauty of the product. Functionality-wise, they have outperformed many of their competitors. Check out some Falco holster reviews for yourself, then visit their website to find the perfect holster for your gun holster needs. Falco holsters are made in Europe and shipped to the US and other countries throughout the world.

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