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Go Solar With Your Patio String Lights

Updated: 06/16/2024
patio string light solar

Outdoor string lights are extremely popular and are fantastically varied and flexible. The amount of choice around at the moment is amazing. Of course, you can get the standard large bulb string lights, but you can also buy virtually any shape or color as well. The problem is the cost of the juice to light them. Solar patio string lights may be the perfect solution to cutting down on this expense.

Normally patio string lights are connected to your main circuit in your house via wiring, a low voltage transformer, more wiring, or a plug. It takes time to set up and a bit of skill as an electrician. I don’t have that skill or patience, and I certainly don’t like paying for electricity. So I like to kill two birds with one stone where outdoor patio string lights are concerned. I buy and put up solar string lights

As outdoor string lights go, patio string lights are perfect for this solar lighting alternative. They are inexpensive when compared to their heftier and mains powered cousins and also much cheaper. In fact, they are free to power, and the sun costs nothing. I like the fact that I can now use a renewable energy source for my patio and solar deck string lights. It gives me a sense of satisfaction to know that I can do my bit for the environment as well.

The fact remains that you will almost have too much choice when you come to install these patio lights first of all. To start with, don’t be tempted with any of the solar outdoor novelty string lights around just yet. These can be kept for special occasions or used as party lights as they arise. So start with something plain and simple such as a solar powered string of LED patio string lights. These will serve you well and last a long time if you look after them.

Solar powered patio string lights are so easy to charge up as well. It actually doesn’t have to be the brightest day for those photovoltaic cells to do their stuff. The general rule is that the lights will work about twice as long as the cells are charged for. So getting about 4 hours of sun will keep you going through most of the night and early hours with 8 hours of use from your patio string lights.

Solar patio string lights are the best investment for the future, especially in the global energy market with all its uncertainties. Get your outdoor string lights fuelled by the sun for free. Nothing to pay, with no down payments is the best sort of deal and one that I like and enjoy every evening.

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