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Fairy Lights Are the Best Outdoor Party Lights

Updated: 06/16/2024
fairy party light

Outdoor fairy lights glow and shine at night, creating a magical atmosphere. These kinds of illumination are also sometimes called party or Christmas lights (the term “fairy light” most often being used in the U.K.). But no matter what they are called, they have become indispensable over the years.

These tiny firefly-like light strands grace gardens in the summer and outline houses during the holidays. Party time, of course, can occur at any time! Then there are holidays (Halloween being a very popular non-Christmas holiday for lights), birthday parties, and weddings.

There are two main kinds of electrical outdoor fairy lights, and they are either based on LED technology or the familiar incandescent lights. Both work well, and each is readily available. The advantage of the incandescent strands is that they are very inexpensive. However, they aren’t very energy-efficient. The LED based illuminations use much less electricity, and their slightly higher price is offset by the fact that they tend to be more reliable and last longer.

And speaking of the two different kinds of the electrically-powered outdoor light strings, there is a difference in colors as well. The incandescent lights emit a warmer tone, while LEDs offer a cooler tone. This is most evident in the white lights as the LEDs have a bluish cast and the filament lights have a more yellow tonality.

Outdoor party lights are gaining in popularity at all times of the year. However, summer is a wonderful time of year to light up the night. With outdoor living, you can gracefully illuminate any get-together. And it’s not just illumination but also the atmosphere and setting a particular mood. For example, white lights are traditional and elegant, and often used at outdoor weddings. However, colorful lights can make things fun! For example, if you’re decorating for a birthday party, why not use lights in the color the honoree likes best?

Along the lines of outdoor living, think about creating a light sculpture in your landscape. While covering an arch or gazebo is a more traditional use, you can also use these tiny garden lights to adorn garden ornaments or statuary.

Holidays are a popular time for outdoor fairy lights. Christmas is obviously the big winner here, and outdoor Xmas lights are huge sellers. From strands to nets, cascades to curtains, there is a style for just about any imagination! And you don’t have to just go with a standard round or “flame shaped” light either, as there are all manner of shapes and colors.

Still, you don’t need to limit your night lighting to Christmas and Halloween. There are a host of other holidays to explore. For example, what about red or pink lights around Valentine’s Day? Red, white and blue on July 4th? Or, just get the ever-popular white lights – good for any time of year or occasion!

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