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The Guide You Never Thought You’d See: How to Buy a Toilet

Updated: 12/26/2023
A Toliet In Bathroom

There is one purchase we all need to make at one point or other in our lives, although it probably isn’t one that ponders on your mind on a day-to-day basis. Toilets are the most important items in our bathrooms and help contribute to the overall design and look. They are, after all, a piece of furniture, a very necessary and functional piece. So why not take a moment and invest some time and thought into your purchase?

In this guide, we will take you through all the factors to consider when buying a toilet for your home.

Floor or Wall

Toilets fall into two basic categories – floor mounted and wall hung. Floor mounted toilets take up more space but are the most common type you’re likely to see. Wall hung toilets are not as common, but if space is an issue, then the wall hung variety might just be for you. They’re less obtrusive as they employ a concealed cistern and they give the impression of a floating seat, which can look impressive. Wall hung options allow you to clean the floor very easily.

Closed Coupled

Also known as two-piece toilets, closed coupled are definitely the most common type. They’re called closed coupled because the pan and cistern are in two separate sections. This type of toilet gives a much more traditional look, so if you’re after posh and classy, a closed coupled toilet is your best choice. There are a few varieties available. Some even have colored details, sharper edges, and staggering effects.

Back to Wall

These are very similar to their wall hung counterparts. They have the same sleek, minimalist look, except they are floor mounted. Back to wall also use a concealed cistern so they still save you space when compared to the more traditional floor mounted models. One of the other benefits a back to wall system has over a closed coupled one is that it can be integrated into a vanity unit seamlessly.

Flush Types

There are three basic flush types to consider – lever flush, push flush and dual flush. The lever flush is the standard and gives a more traditional look and goes well with closed coupled toilets. The push flush is a very simple push button usually placed on the top of the cistern. It’s very easy to use and is becoming more and more popular. Dual flush, also known as an eco-flush, is a type of push flush that incorporates a smaller button into the push button. It helps you keep costs down and uses less water.

It really all comes down to your taste. Your toilet should be a marriage of form and function. Toilets no longer have to be regarded as objects to hide away but as items of beauty. They can help make your bathroom look that much more luxurious or modern, depending on your taste.

They all follow the same simple principle – they use a domestic sanitary pump to remove your waste, but with so many options and varieties on offer, why not shop around and find a toilet you would actually enjoy using – if there is such a thing!

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