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Effects of Good Quality Lighting on Your Productivity

Updated: 12/26/2023
Good Quality Office Lighting

Perfect lighting in a room can affect your productivity as well as your mood while working. In fact, based on a study by the American Society of Interior Design, there are 68% of employees who keep on complaining that they are not comfortable with the lighting setup in their office.

Meanwhile, during job interviews an applicant can feel the ambiance of a company through the setup of their lighting, he may love the job offer but then again, there is a part of him that tells him there is something wrong.

Imbalance and improper lighting set up in an office or at home office really affect your productivity.

The effects of good quality lighting to your productivity and work are as below.

Enhance Your Mood

It enhances your mood and it drives you to finish your entire to-do list, providing your manager high performance and a good report at the end of the day. Proper lighting setup helps you to focus even if your office has an unbearable noise environment.

Feel More Comfortable

You feel comfortable at all times, and finding some materials inside your drawer is now easy. It saves a lot of your time without making any noise that will annoy your colleagues sitting beside you.

Recognize Every Co-Employee

You recognize each and every co-employee in your area. The bright light in an office brings positivity to everyone. You start to see those smiles that will somehow reduce the tiredness you’re feeling.

Reduce Fatigue

Quality lighting reduces fatigue. In each day that passes by, all you got to do is face your computer at your desk for the entire day. The same goes for everyone. When you try to look at your environment, quality lighting can change your perspective. Through the quality lighting in your office, you may vision your busy colleagues working altogether, keeping their eyes on the goal.

It is a common belief, as well as a fact, that blue light is also considered as good quality lighting to boost up your brain. Blue light is also ideal for offices that need their employees to stay alert and give quick responses, especially to call center companies, advertising, and marketing.

Meanwhile, it is not only the blue light that can help you to boost up your brain functionality. Bright lights lead you to bring out the creativity in you since it triggers your risky explorative processing style.

If in case you were asked, where would you like to place your table, you are free to suggest that it can be placed near the window so you can still take advantage of the natural light coming from the sun during the morning and in the afternoon.

Maybe there is only one department in your office that might not need bright quality lighting, the web developer department. These guys prefer to use dim light so they can 100% check their codes.

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