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Outdoor Motion Sensor Light for Home Security

Updated: 12/26/2023
Outdoor Motion Sensor Light For Security

Motion sensor technology has practically changed the method of working of numerous systems. Things which were done manually since many years are now run and implemented with modern automated systems. Manual errors have been rectified and minimized and security guards are being fast replaced. 

Over the past few years, technology has significantly improved in terms of motion sensors and outdoor lighting, enabling average customers to consider many options for home security. Combined outdoor lights and motion detectors have become an effective as well as an inexpensive source for installing security lighting around your home’s exteriors. Automatic outdoor lighting has become a popular choice for home security and is the first line of defense against home intrusion.

Motion sensor lights are an effective deterrent as they can surprise and frighten intruders easily when they break in unexpectedly. They are also economical as the device saves energy by turning on only when required. The system works on sensor technology with the added capability of turning lights off and on. The sensor relies on reflections of radiating invisible light rays. Motion detector light sensors may use microwaves, ultrasonic waves or infrared waves for detecting motion. 

The moment a movement happens within the area of focus, the sensor realizes that its reflections are sensing something different than the expected ones, thus suggesting that something has moved. Soon after detecting a movement, the light gets turned on. And if it’s a floodlight rather than the regular one, it can make your side alley or backyard shine even brighter. The area that usually needs to be illuminated is the entrances of your home, the walls or primed fencing and the darkest areas in your yard. Security companies make use of remote motion sensors for simultaneously triggering lighting and alarms as well as security cameras for alarming burglars and warding them off.

Majority of motion sensor activated outdoor lights come bundled and pre-wired for installation. A lot of them have motion sensors placed just below the primary security lights for having the largest possible view. Other lights can also be run in series with the primary sensing unit and lighting system for illuminating a greater portion of your yard or home when triggered. Motion sensor outdoor light comes with the feature of being manually turned on with motion sensor lights by the house owner for general lighting purposes. 

Solar powered motion triggered light systems is being sold over the past few years. They are usually more expensive but employ less operating costs than the conventional lighting models. Solar models have solar panels that collect and store solar energy during sunlight and use it to light bulbs when triggered at night time. The solar panel is built either into the light fixture or is a separate unit connected with a cable to the light. If you need to install lights at places that are shaded from the sun, then you will have to purchase solar fixtures that come with separate solar panels. Now the lights can be installed in the shade while their solar panels are set up in the sun.

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