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Signs From Walls That Your Home Needs Foundation Repair

Updated: 06/16/2024
Wet Wall Repair

Foundation issues are more common than you probably think, even if your home is relatively new and otherwise in good condition. Cracks and other foundation problems can result from overly wet soil, poor drainage issues, your home settling over time and more. If you aren’t sure whether your home is in need of foundation repair or not, take a look at your walls. They can give you a clear indication of issues that you might not know about.

Wrinkling Wallpaper

If your wallpaper has wrinkles or tears and you haven’t had any plumbing or leaking issues, these tears could be a sign of foundation related problems. As your home settles, your wallpaper can be stretched so that it tears, or it can be bunched up in certain places.

Cracks on the Inside of Your Home

Cracks don’t appear on your interior walls for no reason, even if they are very minor and difficult to see. If you see cracks anywhere on your walls, particularly near your fireplace or near the ceilings or floors, then you shouldn’t ignore the problem. There’s a good chance that your foundation is failing and needs to be repaired.

Uneven Molding

If you have molding around your floors or ceilings, you should inspect it. It should be installed securely against your floor or ceiling, and there shouldn’t be any cracks. Cracks can be a sign of a problem, particularly if they are large cracks or if the molding appears to be uneven. In many cases, the molding itself isn’t actually uneven. It’s actually the walls themselves that are due to excessive settling of the home.

Cracks and Gaps Near Windows and Doors

Cracks and gaps often occur first near windows and doors. If you have been caulking these areas regularly to prevent drafts but keep seeing cracks, or if you notice that small cracks are getting worse, then you should have the problem assessed as soon as possible.

Exposed Nail Heads

The nails that were used within your walls to construct your home shouldn’t be visible. If you can see nail heads or small, cracked circles on your walls, it’s possible that your home’s foundation is causing shifting in your walls.

If you don’t know much about foundation problems, then don’t worry about trying to find issues in your foundation itself. Instead, check the walls inside your home. As you can see, they can give you a lot of indications of any foundation problems that you might be dealing with within your home. If you notice any of these problems, contact a foundation repair company right away.

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