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A Smart Home Has Higher Market Value

Updated: 12/26/2023
Smart Home With Higher Market Value

Making your home smarter and safer does more than add convenience and security. It may also add market value to your home.

Should You Make Your Home Smart to Increase Market Value

Yes. Let us explain.

For many homeowners, making improvements and upgrades to their homes with the intent of increasing the market value is part of being a homeowner. After all, for many, the home is both a necessity and an investment.

So what can you do to be a smart homeowner and seller?

From renovating the kitchen to landscaping the front yard for better curb appeal, there are many projects and opportunities for the homeowner to not only make their house more of a home that matches their personality and lifestyle better but also add value long-term when it comes to selling the home. What many don’t realize is that now, you can add “make your house a secure smart home” to the list of home upgrades that benefit you while keeping an eye on the future and sale values.

When it comes to adding a security system to the home, the primary reason driving most customers is gaining the peace of mind that comes with knowing their home and loved ones are safe. But there are other factors that come into play, for instance, the convenience and cost savings, especially with advanced technologies now available.

You Have the Technology to Build One

Today’s security systems have the capability to not only secure and monitor the home but can now help automate and smarten the home. Many of today’s most popular security systems are completely wireless and use technology like Z-Wave to allow them to control, interact, and identify smart devices throughout the home to control lighting, appliances, even door locks, and temperature controls, all from a smartphone or tablet.

In addition to safety and convenience, these systems help save money. Many home insurance companies offer discounts to homeowners with a monitored home security system. And adding a smart thermostat to the home can add the additional benefit of drastically lowering energy bills by managing the HVAC use proactively.

All these features and functions can benefit the homeowner – both current and future. And with today’s modern wireless security systems, the smart home is no longer only in reach of those willing to pay for long and costly custom installations.

For example, with a Frontpoint security system, you can enjoy the peace of mind of a professionally monitored system that is completely wireless and capable of being expanded. Because it’s wireless, if you decide to move while you’re still within your contract, you can easily pack up and take your system to your next home and secure it as well. Or, if a prospective buyer is interested in overtaking your contract, you can include it in the purchase and transfer the account into their name.

Maybe you aren’t interested in taking advantage of home automation devices as you’re looking to secure your home. By selecting a modern system such as Frontpoint’s you can always add additional smart devices to the system whenever you want, as long as they’re compatible.

Wireless Systems Keep Options Open

While a hardwired security system in the home may or may not be considered an added value to a prospective home buyer, with a wireless self-setup system, you’re covered on both sides. And because many systems are modular and expandable, you can add new devices and controls easily to make your home smarter and more appealing to tech-savvy buyers.

In the end, your security system should be in your home to protect you and your family. But it doesn’t hurt to know that with the right system, you can add increasing the resale value of your property to the long list of benefits of a monitored security system.

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