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Frontpoint Security Review

Updated: 12/26/2023
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Frontpoint pioneers the all wireless all-cellular home security system and currently leads the industry in home automation and interactive services, which allow users to remotely control home systems like lights, thermostats, and appliances.

At Frontpoint, the customer is king, and there’s not much the company won’t do to keep loyal customers happy. Founded only fifteen years ago, this nationwide, self-install security company maintains a dedicated staff to analyze customer satisfaction surveys and route problems to the correct department for a speedy remedy. Other teams monitor review websites and community platforms to resolve issues and provide personal responses to every comment. If Frontpoint Security can’t solve the problem and satisfy the customer, it’s not for lack of trying.

What Makes Their Home Security System Standout

Seamless Integration of All Parts

Frontpoint sets themselves apart by focusing on the little things. Sensors come pre-programed, making setup easy and their close proximity and strong relationship with alarm.com provides greater control of user experience. The result is a polished home security system that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Professional Sales Staff

Frontpoint keeps their friendly, low-key sales force under the same roof as supervisors, who monitor conversations closely. Sales reps who attempt to strong-arm customers are retrained to be consultants first and salespeople second.

No Nickel & Diming

The price you see is the price you get, starting at $99. No hidden service, activation or installation fees show up later.

Equipment Packages and Monitoring Prices

Frontpoint offers three different packages plus the option to customize your unique package. The Starter Pack at $99, The Home Shield at $269 and The Family Lookout at $349. Frontpoint prides itself on customizing packages that meet each customer’s needs. That said, the company stays in business by selling security equipment and monitoring services.

  • The Starter Pack includes: 1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad 1x Door/Window Sensor 1x Motion Sensor 1x Home Defense Kit (3 items)
  • The Home Shield includes: 1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad 3x Door/Window Sensor 1x Motion Sensor 1x Indoor Camera 1x Smoke and Heat Sensor 1x Flood Sensor 1x Home Defense Kit (3 items)
  • The Family Lookout includes: 1x Frontpoint Hub & Keypad 3x Door/Window Sensor 1x Motion Sensor 1x Indoor Camera 1x Keychain Remote 1x Home Defense Kit (3 items)

Frontpoint offers only one monitoring plan costing $49.99 per month. It is expensive compared to other leading home security companies. But you get full access to its mobile app, allowing you to control your system from anywhere.

Frontpoint Customer Satisfaction

  • Equipment Warranty: Three years on all Frontpoint home security equipment.
  • Risk-Free Trial: 30-day, no questions asked. No restocking fee and free return shipping to Frontpoint.

System Setup

A new Frontpoint home security system is quick and simple to set up. All of Frontpoint’s equipment is wireless and programmed before you receive it. Just open the box and place your security sensors and then call customer support to activate your system. Most homeowners can complete Frontpoint’s setup process in approximately 30-45 minutes without the use of power tools.

Security Equipment & Cameras

When other security systems were tethered to cables and telephone lines, Frontpoint made its reputation by offering wireless and cellular coverage through 3 GSM and CDMA providers. Today, Frontpoint offers a wide range of products that let homeowners control their security systems remotely and keep an eye on their homes from anywhere, anytime. Third-party monitoring, which alerts authorities within seconds of a confirmed alarm event, is provided by Rapid Response, which is one of the most highly regarded monitoring centers in the United States.

Security System Controls

System control equipment allows users to control their Frontpoint home security system whether near or far. All Frontpoint packages are built around a control panel. A complete, customized security system is then created by adding intrusion sensors, environmental sensors, security cameras, and home automation controls based on the customer’s needs.

Users can choose to add additional control sensors such as keychain remotes or panic pendants.

Simon XT Control Panel

Made by Interlogix, formerly known as GE Security, a top-rated equipment maker with a stellular reputation in the home security industry. The panel can be paired with virtually any third-party, Z-Wave compatible equipment.

Touch Screen Control Panel

Made by Qolsys a leader in smart home security equipment. The panel features an intuitive interface with simple touch controls, dual-path communication for faster monitoring and control, weather alerts, and increased z-wave compatibility. The Touchscreen panel puts control at your fingertips and makes expanding your system in the future easier than ever before.

Frontpoint Mobile App

Arm/disarm the system, receive alerts, and see streaming video from cameras on any mobile device.

Keychain Remote

Mini-remote that contains panic button, arms/disarms the system, and controls home automation when you’re within 100 feet of the control panel.

Panic Pendant

Wearable panic button alerts Frontpoint’s monitoring station or other parties when pushed during an intrusion or medical emergency.

Alarm Intrusion Sensors

Intrusion sensors are the first line of defense against would-be thieves. Simple to install and designed to protect your home against all types of break-ins, these sensors serve one purpose: signal the control panel when a break-in attempt occurs. When a sensor is triggered, a signal is sent to the control panel to notify users and the monitoring center of an alarm event.

Door and Window

Sensors for any moveable door or window. Can also be placed on cabinets and drawers to keep kids away from potential dangers like guns or liquor.

Glass Break

Sensors that detect the unique sound frequency of breaking glass. Covers expanses of windows up to 20 feet long.

Motion Sensor

Sensors that detect motion from an unwanted entry through an open or broken window. Most pets that weigh less than 40 pounds won’t trigger the system.

Recessed Door

Sensors installed within the doorframe and are invisible to intruders. Place them on front and back doors, and other important home portals.

Garage Door

A sensor detects the movement of your garage door and notifies the control panel. The system sends email or text alerts to you if you drive away and leave the garage door open or anything unusual happens with your garage door.

Image Sensor

Combining the features of a motion sensor and still camera, the image sensor takes a picture when motion is detected. Images are then stored and can be viewed on your control panel or through the mobile app.

Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Environmental sensors are designed to protect your home and family from dangers other than burglary. Detecting hazards like freezing temperatures that can lead to burst pipes, water leaks and floods, and carbon monoxide. These sensors protect you from visible and invisible threats whether home or away.

Smoke and Heat

Sensors that detect smoke and warn you if a room is heating up too fast.

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Detects the presence of carbon monoxide – a dangerous gas that is colorless and odorless. Users are alerted the minute a CO sensor is triggered.

Water & Flood Sensor

Designed to be placed close to the ground in areas at risk of flooding. These sensors notify users of the presence of water, helping reduce the potential damage flooding can cause.

Frontpoint Security Cameras

A great way to monitor pets, see who is coming and going from your home, or catch a burglar red-handed, cameras allow you to “see to believe.” Frontpoint’s cameras provide peace of mind with live video streaming to any web-enabled device and the ability to save clips to view later.

Wireless Indoor Camera

This indoor security camera delivers live, streaming, HD images from your home to any mobile device or computer, viewing area is 20 feet and infrared technology captures images after dark. When the camera’s built-in motion detector sense motion, it records a clip and sends an alert.

Wireless Outdoor Camera

Weather-resistant HD outdoor camera that lets you view the outside, even at night, allowing you to see who’s there without opening the door. The camera is motion activated and video is stored securely on your Frontpoint account.

Wireless Doorbell Camera

Weatherproof outdoor SkyBell HD doorbell camera that replaces your existing doorbell. This device has wireless communication, built-in motion sensor, two-way voice, video recording and night vision, so you always know who’s at your door.

Home Automation Devices & Equipment

Whether it’s helping you turn a light off from your office or automatically adjusting the thermostat to save energy while away, home automation allows you to save time, headaches, and money. And since Frontpoint’s system is compatible with most Z-wave wave equipment, it is easy to add additional automation equipment at any time.

Lights Control

Turns lights and small appliances on and off mobile devices and the control panel. Set a schedule so you never walk into a dark house or use your mobile device to manage lights when you’re leaving or arriving.

Keypad Door Lock

Access codes replace worries about losing keys. Remotely lock and unlock doors through a mobile app and keep track of who’s going in and out.

Thermostat Control

Hook up a third-party-approved thermostat to a Frontpoint control panel and preprogram heating and air conditioning. You also can control the home temperature remotely, which cuts energy bills.

Reviews of Frontpoint Security

Expert Opinion

Frontpoint is a top recommended home security company out of the 100s we’ve reviewed. Their reliable security equipment, competitive pricing and world-class customer service set them apart.

Over the past years, Frontpoint has grown from a scrappy upstart trying to make a name for itself with a customer-focused DIY security solution into one of the nation’s largest security providers. Despite their incredible growth rate, they have the same customer-centric approach they began with. Their emergence as an industry leader comes as no surprise to those familiar with the alarm industry. It’s no wonder Frontpoint is on top across so many review sites. In addition to great customer service, their reliable security & automation equipment comes with safety features most competitors don’t bother to provide:

Crash & Smash Protection

Allows your home security system to notify authorities even if the control panel is destroyed.

100% Cellular Monitoring

Ensures your system is not vulnerable if your telephone/broadband lines are cut or the power goes out.


Notifies you if you forgot to close a door or set your alarm before you get too far from your house to handle it.

Fire Monitoring

Helps protect your home and pets when you’re away by alerting the fire department in the event of a fire.

24-hour Backup Battery

Helps protect your home and pets when you’re away by alerting the fire department in the event of a fire.

Medical Alert Monitoring

If there is a medical emergency in your home, help is just the push of a button away.

Heavily factored into our Frontpoint Security review are their customer reviews. Frontpoint customers continually rate the company highly mentioning great customer service and competitive pricing. Our independent research supports these claims. When we compared the cost of Frontpoint’s standard cellular monitoring to other top home security providers’ cellular monitoring, it was typically the less expensive, more robust solution.

Frontpoint makes it clear the customer comes first. On top of everything we’ve already mentioned, Frontpoint backs every system with a 30-day 100% risk-free trial period.

If you are looking for a safe and reliable home security system backed by great customer service and a 30-day risk-free Trial, we recommend giving Frontpoint a call.

Customer Reviews

Frontpoint takes its reputation seriously, trying hard to live up to its motto: Build Trust. Dream Big. Being Awesome. The relatively young company is all over online reviews and complaints, and most problems are resolved quickly and apologetically by a customer support supervisor.

Frontpoint consistently wins awards for great customer service, state-of-the-art equipment and fast response times to a tripped alarm. The most common negative reviews center around billing issues and in the past, pushy salespeople. Some customers fret that Frontpoint Security doesn’t employ setup and service technicians to make sure their home security systems run smoothly. But Frontpoint isn’t a professional install operation, it’s a self-setup company for customers who can peel off paper backing and stick a security sensor onto a window frame.

What Employees Are Saying

Frontpoint is proud of its employee-centric workplace culture, which translates into happy voices on sales and customer care calls. Benefits are generous and include dental and vision, gym membership discounts, yoga classes, and company-sponsored happy hours. Most important, Frontpoint has an open office door policy that encourages underlings to chew the fat with senior leadership.

Consequently, top-performing employees tend to stick around. Of course, not everyone is happy. Some feel too pressured to meet sales goals (cry us a river). Others complain they are micromanaged and that life/work balance is out of whack. But overall, Frontpoint seems like a great place to work, which benefits employees and customers alike.

What Indeed Says

  • 3 stars (out of 5)
  • Top Kudos: Great pay and job culture
  • Top Complaints: Recognition and advancement

About Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint’s History

In 2007, three home security industry vets energized the stagnating home security space by going all-wireless and cellular, and by shipping state-of-the-art equipment to homeowners whom, Frontpoint believed, were perfectly capable of setting up security systems themselves. What a concept!

Since then, McLean, Virginia-based Frontpoint has grown rapidly acquiring customers and holding onto them at far greater rates than many competitors. In a few years, Frontpoint has earned a national reputation for responding promptly to customer concerns and reacting within seconds to confirmed alarm events through its Rapid Response monitoring stations. The company is UL-listed, FM-approved, and has won the coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, accreditations and accolades that some far older security companies can’t claim.

Frontpoint uses an inside sales model operated from two locations in McLean, and it’s licensed to do business in all places in which it operates.

Where Frontpoint is Headed

Home automation, baby! Frontpoint already offers a wide range of Z-Wave compatible, home automation products, and its internal beta testing program continually tests new products. We expect Frontpoint to lead the industry in Internet of Technology offerings, a direction the company hinted about when it dropped “security” from its name and branding in 2014. It has built out a new tech testing department that tirelessly searches for and tests new security and automation products for its system.

Cool Stuff on the Horizon

Frontpoint is supplementing its Simon XT control panel with a new DIY-friendly touchscreen control panel that has an integrated panel camera, remote programming capabilities, and remote troubleshooting for extra support. Frontpoint’s new panel is widely compatible with security radio frequencies, Wi-Fi, cellular, Z-Wave, and Bluetooth technologies.

What to Expect When Calling Frontpoint

Once you call a security company, you’ve begun a relationship whether you choose that company or not. Expect follow-up calls and emails, which can eat time. So when shopping for a home security company, it’s vital to do your homework and compare plans and prices before you’re on the hot seat with a sales rep. After all, salespeople are persuasive – or they’re not salespeople for long – and they’re tasked with helping you define and meet your security needs.

So before you call Frontpoint (855-903-7510), count the number of windows and doors on your main floor and other accessible levels. Note which windows are double-hung, casement or stationary, which will help your virtual walkthrough go faster and smoother.

We found the company’s secure electronic contract – many security companies won’t let you see the contract until you’re ready to sign – and read it carefully, like you should. Here are our top callouts.

  • The one- or three-year contract starts when you sign and automatically renews on a month-to-month basis unless you provide a 30-day notice of your intention to terminate. Thirty days starts ticking down from the time Frontpoint receives your termination letter, e-mail or phone call.
  • Monthly monitoring fees are fixed throughout the initial term. After the end of the initial agreement, you can continue on a month-to-month basis, and Frontpoint can increase your rate by up to 5 percent per year (although they will not likely do this.)
  • Frontpoint’s liability clause is generous relative to other security companies. If you have a loss and the court decides that Frontpoint bears responsibility, you can collect up to $500.
  • Frontpoint offers a three-year warranty on equipment purchased through the company, with the exception of common replaceable as batteries and light bulbs. The warranty starts 30 days after you receive the equipment, not from the day you activate it.
  • If you cancel the contract, you will owe Frontpoint 80 percent of the remaining balance.

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