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Square Recessed Lighting, Another Design Option

Updated: 12/26/2023
sqaure recessed lighting

If you’ve been looking for square recessed lighting fixtures, chances are, you’re someone who’s in tune with the latest trends in home decor and interior design. Yes, square recessed lighting is still one of the popular choices of home dwellers nowadays. With a low investment, these unique looking lights can give your space a brand new refreshing look.

Well, as the name suggests, square recessed lighting essentially refers to those units that are of a slightly unique shape. Other than providing an additional design option over their rounder cousins, such fixtures don’t really differ much in terms of functionality. Perhaps the only marginal difference is that it’s relatively easier to cut out square than round holes during the installation process. There’s also an interesting observation though. Manufacturers tend to prefer a particular shape for certain types of recessed lights. For example, troffers, which are essentially fittings installed into suspended tiled ceilings tend to be of a squarer angular shape. In this case, its design could be due to installation concerns since squarer fixtures will fit in easily with a tiled surface.

That said, you can literally find the round or square recessed lighting styles in almost all types of recessed lighting fixtures. For example, with a trip down the lighting store, one can find round or square downlights easily. So in what situations will your decision on the use of square, round or other shapes of recessed lighting matter?

One of the main considerations mentioned is the nature of the ceiling’s surface. Like the example stated above, if you’re working with a tiled ceiling and considering recessed lighting, square recessed lighting fixtures will fit in much more easily than a round design. The latter probably means you need to cut up the tiled ceiling in a much awkward manner that may ruin the existing design of your room or space. However, finding the exact size to fit the tile’s size can prove to be daunting.

Fortunately many manufacturers have recognized this need and came up with a wider variety of sizes. You can easily browse some of their catalogs online or even at HomeDepot. If you can’t find anything suitable, you always have the option of going for custom made ones. However, that may require deeper pockets. Nowadays however, lighting and fixtures retailers have expanded their spectrum of services in order to stay above the competition. Even if you’ve decided to go the custom route, some specialized retailers may even offer discounts and services which will way surpass your expectations. In fact, some might even work directly with your architect, interior designer or builder, to make the whole integration process seamless. You may end up getting more value for the same buck.

Another other consideration that’s pretty much obvious is the design you’re achieving for. Some of the square recessed lighting comes in beautiful structure dimensions which make them awesome additions to your interior. It gives interior designers or even DIY home dwellers an additional option when it comes to mixing and matching the different lighting accessories to spruce up your room or space.

Remember, even if you can’t find the square recessed lighting fixtures you’re looking for, there’s always the customized solution.

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