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Top 10 Reasons Blinds Are Better Than Drapes

Updated: 06/26/2024
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Custom blinds have some significant advantages over fabric drapes when it comes to form, function and value. Below are the top 10 reasons custom blinds are better than drapes.

Easier to Custom Fit

Because of the particular construction of most blinds, they are very easy to customize. When your window coverings fit precisely, you get maximum privacy and sun protection. Fabric is harder to measure and often will gap or hang awkwardly against windows.

Wider Choice of Materials

Only certain fabrics work well long term as window coverings. With custom blinds, you have a myriad of choices, from the latest eco-friendly materials to natural woods to sturdy woven fabrics.

More Precise Operation

Drapes can be fussy, catch on things, and fail to open completely. Blinds stay at the window and can be raised or lowered to the precise position you need.

Less Prone to Fading

Fabric dyes fade with exposure to sunlight and air. Nothing looks worse than a set of curtains that have faded unevenly because they were hung on shady and sunny sides of a building. Blinds are made of materials that don’t tend to fade easily, and some are designed to be extra fade-resistant. You will have a long-lasting, consistent look to your window treatments by choosing custom blinds.

Easier to Clean

Many custom drapery fabrics must be dry cleaned at significant expense. Often, they never look the same again after a vigorous cleaning. Blinds, however, can be easily dusted where they hang, and most are easily deep cleaned with a damp cloth. There are several time-saving tools available for dusting blinds. They are also easy to vacuum with attachments.

Blinds Collect Less Dust

If a family member has allergies to dust or pollen, blinds may be a wise option. It’s easier to see dust and pollen on the surface of blinds. With a regular dusting routine and periodic wipe downs with a damp cloth, dust and pollen in the home can be more easily controlled around windows and doors.

Easier to Rehang After a Dusting or Cleaning

There are no clumsy curtain rods to deal with. Simply slip the blind supports into the window brackets, and most blinds are up in seconds. It can take half a day to hang an entire building’s windows with drapery.

Blinds Are Sturdier

Blinds can handle spills, smoke and moisture better than fabric. Fabric is prone to snags and tears. Fabric can collect an odor in musty or smoky conditions, while blinds can be more easily rid of odors without damaging the window treatment.

Give a Better Street Appearance

When viewed from the outside, blinds give a building a uniform, tidy appearance. They are attractive window features while preserving privacy.

They Save Money

Drapery fabric, color and design go out of fashion every few years. Blinds, whether vertical or horizontal, wood or vinyl, bamboo or canvas, have a classic, timeless look that won’t need replacing for many years. Blinds can also adapt to new decorating schemes far easier than drapery can. It is also possible to re-stain or paint some types of custom blinds.

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