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Upgrade Your Home Security With a Motion Sensor Light

Updated: 12/26/2023
Upgrade Your Household Security With a Motion Sensor Light

Have you ever worried about the level of security that your household has? Ever wanted an inexpensive way to increase the security of your home? A great way to do this is with the addition of a motion sensor light. These lights are cheap, easy to install and increase the security of a home by providing instant light whenever movement is detected.

Many people use and are familiar with the standard sensor light because they are commonly used for the entrance to garages. This allows the person using the light to save energy and not disturb neighbors, and at the same time have light for when the pull up to their garages at night. This is also a security measure, turning itself on to alert people when someone or something approaches the garage. A motion sensor light is a strong deterrent to criminals thinking about breaking in. As soon as the light turns on, the criminal will almost always flee because the chance of detection and hence the chance of arrest has gone up significantly.

The typical mechanism for the light is a series of mirrors and some sensors that work in the infrared spectrum to detect body heat or the heat of vehicles as they approach. Once this heat is detected the mechanism then changes its circuitry, in a similar way that flipping a switch on the wall changes the circuitry of a light, and this allows power to be sent to the connecting lights, which in turn activates the lights. This method may cause false alarms from animals or natural heat escaping from the ground or other sources in the late afternoon.

To counteract this, many motion sensor lights use something similar to a police radar gun. They use microwaves to detect how far away something is and whether it is moving. If it detects a certain amount of movement or certain proximity, normally set to around ten to twenty feet, then the lights will be activated. These two methods of detection are quite often combined into a single device which then uses both sensors to determine whether or not to activate the lights. This makes it much harder to avoid detection and much harder to trigger a false alarm.

Motion sensor lights typically come in two forms, ones that have the light or lights already wired into the sensor and ones that are just a sensor which must be connected to lights. Both of these are easy to install, although the one that is just a sensor is typically easier to install because the lights for it have already been fitted. The sensors with the lights attached, motion sensor floods lights, are mostly used outdoors near windows or doors. They can fill a dark area with light when motion is detected, which allows passersby, surveillance cameras, and security workers to see what is happening.

So for a cheap way to upgrade your household security think about fitting a motion sensor light. They’re simple to install and offer great value for money.

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