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What Is Vlogging Light

Updated: 12/26/2023

What Is Vlogging Light

Vlogging light, also known as vlog lighting, refers to the specific lighting setups and techniques used in vlogging to ensure clear, vibrant, and visually appealing footage. It enhances the overall quality of the video and sets the mood for the content.

Importance of Soft, Diffused Light

A principle in vlogging lighting is the use of soft, diffused light. Soft light is more flattering and natural-looking compared to harsh, direct light. When vlogging your face, avoid harsh light that can create unflattering shadows and highlight blemishes. Using diffusers or softboxes, vloggers can achieve a more even and pleasing lighting effect.

Avoid Backlighting

Backlighting occurs when the light source is positioned behind the subject, resulting in harsh shadows and making it difficult to see the subject clearly. If backlighting is necessary, using a fill light can help fill in the shadows and improve visibility.

Consider the Color of the Light

Different light sources can produce light with varying color temperatures, which can impact the overall color balance of the footage. Pay attention to the color of the light and adjust the camera’s white balance accordingly to achieve accurate colors.

Utilize Multiple Light Sources

Using multiple light sources is a technique employed in vlogging lighting to create a balanced and natural-looking lighting setup. It can also be beneficial for illuminating different parts of the frame or creating specific lighting effects. Vloggers can experiment with different combinations of key lights, fill lights, and accent lights to achieve the desired look.

Vlogging Light Setups

Vlogging light setups can vary depending on the vlogger’s needs and budget. LED on-camera lights are a popular choice due to their affordability and portability. These compact lighting sources can be mounted on the camera or placed on individual tripods to be positioned strategically. They often offer features such as adjustable intensity, color, and color temperature, allowing vloggers to have more control over their lighting setup.

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