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6 Tips for Designing the Perfect Man Cave

Updated: 06/26/2024
6 tips for man cave

When you first start to design your man cave or “bachelor pad”, you need to prioritize what is most important to you. Maybe you already have the perfect flat-screen TV, and you want to invest in a pool table or install a bar in your custom home? Or perhaps you have all the furniture but no games or entertainment, and that is where you want your budget to go.

Here are six tips for designing the perfect man cave.

Prioritize Big Items First

Regardless of how you want to spend the money, establish a budget and then allot a certain amount of money to your big purchases like new TVs, game systems, furniture, etc. If you prioritize your big items first, you will be sure to have enough money to pay for those items, and you can work with the remaining balance for paint, accent decor, and finishing touches.

Decide the Purpose

Man caves really do come in all shapes and sizes. It is important to decide the purpose of your man cave before you start remodeling. Do you want a quiet oasis away from your family? Or would you rather have an entertaining space where you can invite all your buddies over for a mid-week get-together? If you have a purpose in mind for what you want your man cave to be used for, it will help streamline the process and focus your energies on achieving that goal.

Choose a Theme

Now comes the fun part, choosing a theme for your man cave. Themes can range anywhere from a sports fan man cave to a sophisticated wine tasting room. If you are looking for something less themed, you can always go with a library and liqueur room, or even just a cozy basement with comfy couches for optimal TV and movie viewing. Make sure your man cave reflects you (or your man) by adding personal touches to the accents and decor of the room.

Hide Your Toys

While it may be impressive that you still own 100 video games and comic books, they don’t need to be out on display for all to see. Invest in some storage units to hide your movies, games, and toys so that your man cave still has an air of elegance and proves that you are, in fact, a grown-up. This game room for example, comes complete with built-in shelves and storage as well as a bar so that bottles and cards are not strewn out all over the room.

Go Big on Comfort

One of the biggest reasons for a man cave is to have a place to relax and unwind. Therefore, it is important that you choose big, comfortable furniture that will allow you to do so. Stay away from a bunch of throw pillows so that the look doesn’t get feminine, but feel free to invest in plush furniture, cozy rugs, and comfy seating areas. This will make you and your guests comfortable, and it will be a place that you can count on for a good nap or a relaxing evening.

Get Approval

If you live with someone else, be sure to get their approval on your man cave. Remember, your custom home does not just belong to you, and your spouse or partner will be much more likely to approve your budget if you include them in some of your decision-making. Who knows, you may just invite them in some time too.

All in all, make your man cave your own by customizing it to suit your personality and interests. Choose your big items first, make them comfortable, hide your toys and be creative.

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