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Belly Band Holsters

Updated: 06/26/2024
Belly Band Holster

Using a belly band holster is my preferred method of carrying a concealed weapon. It is arguably the most versatile method of carrying. It is usually very comfortable and allows for a larger weapon. Overall, it is not as popular as some of the other methods of carrying, such as using a concealed shoulder holster or inside waistband holster. I feel it provides some of the best tradeoffs for a concealed carry holster and is able to effectively hide your weapon well. They are usually made out of elastic or nylon and are worn around your abdominals or lower on your hips. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the belly band holster.


Belly band holsters provide one of the most versatile and comfortable ways of carrying your weapon. They strap on and fit snugly around your midsection, providing a nice, strapped in feel that many people like. The biggest advantage that it has is its versatility. You are able to wear it with almost any clothing style, suit and tie, casual clothes, even gym shorts with relative ease, and it can be moved and repositioned almost anywhere for the most comfort. You are able to wear it higher up on your abs, lower down around your waistband, with it rotated to front, side, kidney, or back positions very easily.

Its shape and materials also make it one of the cheapest holsters available. The elastic pockets that hold the gun really break up the profile of the gun nicely, so you are able to carry very deep and very secure. A larger weapon can also be easily carried with these, and you know how much I like those. Larger guns are easier to aim and shoot and have larger bullet calibers and higher capacities. These belly bands also have other pockets that allow you to carry extra magazines, credit cards, cash, or other things that you want to stay safe on your person.


One of the biggest complaints about belly band holsters is the slow draw time. They are able to be concealed very deep and very well, so accessing the weapon can be slower than compared to other methods of carrying. I think this will really depend on where you have the weapon and what kind of clothes you are wearing at that time. 

If you have it around your waistband, then it is as simple as lifting up your shirt and grabbing the gun, which can be done fairly quickly. If you wear it higher up, then draw times will increase. Another thing that people don’t like about belly bands is that they can get sweaty because they are held close to your body. That also can be easily solved with an undershirt, which many men wear all the time anyway.

Bottom Line

Overall, carrying a concealed weapon with a belly band holster is my favorite method of carrying concealed for a variety of reasons. They are very comfortable, fairly cheap, and the most versatile of carry methods.

Even though they are a little slower to draw than other methods, they can be adjusted to be fairly accessible. They conceal deep and are able to carry a larger weapon, which makes them one of the best concealed holsters, in my opinion.

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