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The Best Jewelry Safes for Home

Updated: 06/26/2024
Jewery Safe

Jewelry safes for home come in a variety of shapes and sizes with a selection of features that are just as diverse. The best jewelry safe will depend primarily on the needs of the individual using it. The level of security required will play a big role in determining the best model, while the owner’s style preferences and accessibility needs also influence the decision. Some of the best jewelry safes for home are discussed below.

Closet Safes

Designed to provide flexible security options, closet safes are a popular way to protect jewelry and other valuables from theft. Jewelry safes designed for closets are available in several sizes and can generally be secured to the floor or a shelf for additional protection. Some closet safes integrate dividers and adjustable shelves for more versatility. Electronic locks are the most common way to access these safes, but combination and key locks are also available.

Jewelry Box Safes

A popular style of jewelry safes for home is secure jewelry boxes. Locking jewelry boxes are generally less secure than closet safes because most are designed to be decorative accents rather than concealed hideaways.

Jewelry box safes offer home protection for valuable diamonds and gems, but aren’t the best option for antiques, heirlooms, and other high-priced pieces. Most of these safes feature key locks, and many provide hidden compartments for extra security.

Hidden Jewelry Safes

Another affordable way to safeguard valuable jewelry at home is with hidden safes, also known as diversion safes. These jewelry safes for home are inexpensive and are designed to resemble ordinary household products so that most thieves pass by without a second glance. Most hidden safes do not lock, but are still ideal for hiding small items. Again, if the things you need to protect are extremely valuable, choose a jewelry safe that offers more protection.

Wall Safes

Safes that are integrated into an existing wall are a more costly investment and require a bit more effort to install, but the peace of mind that wall jewelry safes offer is usually worth the expense. Available in several sizes, wall safes often feature shelves and removable dividers to offer convenient storage for jewelry as well as other valuables, including guns, cash, and media. Key locks, as well as combination dials and electronic locks are used to secure these models.

Drawer Safes

Similar to a wall safe but generally smaller, safes that slide into a drawer are often overlooked during a fast-paced burglary. Many drawer safes can be secured to the drawer or onto a shelf for added security. The best jewelry safes designed for drawers are those that feature electronic locks. Drawer safes with traditional key locks are available but are generally not as durable as those with electronic locks. Fingerprint biometric locks are another secure option.

From antique estate jewelry and heirloom brooches to watches and treasured rings, jewelry safes for home can keep your valuables securely protected from theft as well as damage. A variety of jewelry safes are available, so it is important to take the time to decide on the best safe to meet your needs. Choose a jewelry safe for home that offers plenty of storage space and provides the level of security required to keep your valuables protected.

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