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Digital Keypad Locks Everything You Need to Know

Updated: 12/26/2023
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Nowadays, finding digital door locks at an office or commercial building is no longer surprising. Most of us got used to it and have at least a general understanding of how they work.

For industries and retailers that require their staff to leave their personal belongings behind when working on the sales floor, keypad locks offer high-security performance. A digital lock can be used in several convenient modes and provides both the employer and employee with peace of mind. Keypad locks are also an invaluable tool for spas and gyms that require locks that allow for multiple users.

Moreover, keypad locks are also gaining popularity as home safety devices. Digital locks offer both top-notch security and aesthetic value to your home. After all, these locks have been used by all kinds of organizations to protect their assets and personnel. Why not choose them to protect your personal belongings and family members?

Whether you choose to purchase a keypad lock or RFID door lock, both offer users high-quality functionality. Let’s take a look at the features that these digital locks provide.

How Digital Locks Work

Digital locks use a code to unlock the latch and open your door. Depending on the model, you’ll open them using keypads, electronic cards, passwords and even your fingerprint. Some devices are programmed with remote features to grant access to your guests when you are not home to open the door.

Digital Locks Options

For Home

There are numerous digital keypad locks to choose from, each with its level of sophistication and safety. Some models let you use a 4-digit code and a key. This is a great option for those who are not fully confident in having a keyless home or fear not all family members would be comfortable with the new system.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to make your entire house a keyless zone. You can choose those areas you want to protect the most and assign a smart lock to them. For instance, your pantry, closet, jewelry box, storage room or wine cellar.

Some of the most advanced locks don’t even require a code but a programmed card instead. This is the case with RFID locks, which you can set to work for an individual or shared use. They also include visual and audible indicators, so they are easy to operate.

For Business

Keypad locks provide businesses with two types of functionality. Companies can use their digital locks as permanent use locks that are assigned to only one individual. That individual creates a 4 digit code to unlock their locker. Simply closing the door returns it back to its locked position.

Keypad locks may also be used by businesses that have multiple people using the locks at different times throughout the day. These shared use locks allow each person to create a one-time 4 digit code for locking and unlocking. Because the keypad lock retains no memory of the code, it is immediately ready for the next user.

Make the Right Choice

The first thing you need to determine is whether you want to install digital locks in your entire space or just key areas. Depending on the size and material of your doors, you’ll be able to identify the best lock for your needs.

Highly resistant keypad locks are great for outdoors and shared use, while an RFID option requires a programmed card, so there is no chance of someone figuring out your access digits.

Digital locks are also trendy on buildings and residential areas to control access to all common facilities. Management companies get them in bulk and assign codes or cards to their residents. This system provides users with a sense of security and unwanted access is easy to restrict.

Choose Your Security Level

When purchasing your digital locks, take into consideration the level of security your establishment requires. They usually come in basic and advanced security levels.

  • Basic security – ⅜” spring bolt or spring latch with a solenoid mechanism.
  • Advanced security – ½” deadbolt or deadlatch with a motorized mechanism.

Keypad locks offer businesses, employees and customers with a higher level of security than the average combination padlock. When the safety of one’s valuables is in question, digital locks puts users at ease.

Will you be dropping your keys soon and getting digital locks for your house and business?

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