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Do Fake Home Security Signs Really Work

Updated: 12/26/2023
Fake Video Security Sign

Purchasing a professional home security system is a decision that requires time and research. And, many security system prices are not cheap. One common workaround for investing in monitored home security is to buy a fake security yard sign and window stickers, place them around the home, and hope that burglars are tricked into skipping over the house because of the sign.

A quick online search for a security system yard sign reveals this option will cost you between $7-$40. This represents a significant saving over monthly professional monitoring costs. However, the questions follow: “Do fake signs really work to protect your home?” and “What are the pros and cons of using a fake sign?”. Read the pros, cons, and alternatives below and then decide.

Pros of Using a Fake Sign


This is the number one reason for choosing a sign over an actual system. As previously mentioned, a sign and stickers will cost you less than $50. This amount represents a significant saving over recurring monthly monitoring costs. You will definitely save money buying the fake sign.

Ease of Installation

No security system installation is less complicated than sticking a sign in the front yard or putting stickers in windows. There’s no scheduling a time for a professional to come to your house or figuring out how to setup up your DIY security system. This process should take no less than 5 minutes to complete. So there’s a big saving on time.

Deters Burglars

No reliable statistics exist to show just how effective signs are at deterring burglars, but it stands to reason that they have some positive impact. Many criminals commit crimes of opportunity where almost any obstacle is enough to deter them. An unsophisticated burglar is less likely to choose a home where they know they may have to deal with an alarm. A sign likely helps deter some would-be burglars.

Cons of Using a Fake Sign

Outdated Sign

Many signs sold online use a generic, non-existent, or out-of-business alarm company name. Choosing the wrong sign just might be advertising that your home is in fact not protected at all. A more sophisticated burglar may use these clues to target your home while calling your bluff.

Advertising the Obstacle

Putting out a sign, real or fake, could be a way of educating a thief on what they have to do in order to successfully rob your home. If they are aware of the type of protection your home may have and they have a strategy to beat it, then your sign just becomes a liability. The element of surprise can be a security system’s friend.

Doesn’t Deter Relatives

Many crimes are committed by close associates or relatives. Somebody who has previously visited your home will know if you have a security system or not. A sign for a fake alarm system isn’t going to fool them if they return to burglarize your home. Also, any criminal may simply miss seeing the sign or stickers at your house. Their lack of awareness just became your risk.

Help Is Not on the Way

If, for whatever reason your fake sign doesn’t drive away an intruder, then whatever comes next happens at your own risk. With no loud siren, professional monitoring, or special alert to your phone, the intruder has free reign of your home with little consequence.

What Other Options Do I Have

A Real Security System

You have dozens of options when it comes to choosing a home security system. From professionally monitored to DIY options, there is likely a fit and price-point that will work for your situation. Find the best security companies here.

Neighborhood Watch

Knowing your neighbors is invaluable in crowd-sourcing your home’s protection. An alert neighbor can report suspicious activity and investigate any funny business. Of course, you’ll need to have a solid friendship with your neighbors and trust them to be proactive in defending your home.


Burglars detest dogs. They are loud, bark, bite, and can alert people to trouble. Like with a neighbor you will need to trust your dog to be brave and hope somebody hears and pays attention to their barks if there is an intruder around.

Fake TVs and Dummy Cameras

Devices that give the appearance of somebody being home or recording activity can help drive away robbers who don’t want to risk running into a resident or getting caught on camera.

Good Lighting

Keeping your yard well-lit and shrubbery trimmed is a good deterrent to robbers.

The Choice is Yours

A fake yard sign may be just what you need to keep your home safe. But, they don’t come without some risks. Researching the crime history of your neighborhood and talking with local police authorities can help you in making decisions regarding your home’s security.

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