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Electronic Keypads to Amp up Your Home Security

Updated: 12/26/2023
Open Electronic Keypad Lock

If you’re looking to amp up your home security, electronic high-security keypads offer myriad advantages over the traditional lock and key systems. 

What Exactly Is an Electronic Keypad

A safer and more convenient alternative to mechanical locks, electronic keypads are a type of keyless entry system that allows the user to open doors by entering a passcode or password instead of inserting a traditional metal key. Keypads usually control either a magnetic lock or an electric strike lock, both of which are more secure than old-fashioned locks and keys.

According to a survey conducted by Schlage, 25% of the population gets locked out of their own home every year. However, you can throw away your keys and all the headaches that go with them when you switch to a high-security keypad. You’ll no longer have to worry about finding a key in the bottom of your handbag. 

If one of the kids loses a copy of the key, you won’t have to worry about who has it now – because there won’t be any key to lose. You’ll be able to eliminate the need to hide spare keys in poorly disguised fake rocks. And, of course, you’ll never again fall into that unfortunate 25% of population, unless perhaps you’re struck by sudden combination amnesia.

Safety and Security Advantages

Aside from being more convenient than their mechanical counterparts, electronic high-security keypads also offer a number of safety and security advantages.

First of all, keypads are resistant to picking. The only way someone can gain access to your house is if you give them a combination. Many keypads even have features to prevent people from making repeated random guesses at your passcode. While some locks freeze after three incorrect combination entries, others actually sound alarms after a designated number of entry attempts.

Another of the security advantages of electronic keypads is that they allow for multiple combinations so that each combination holder can have a unique combo. In this way, it is possible to revoke access by deleting a given passcode without having to reset every user’s combination and without having to rekey every lock. 

Also, electronic keypads allow you to create access windows so that certain combination holders can only enter your house during specified time frames. If you don’t want your mother-in-law dropping by unannounced at midnight, you can set her combination parameters to prohibit it. Or, you can just not give her a combination at all.

Despite relying on high-tech electronics that traditional mechanical locks do not, electronic keypads are extremely durable. They can survive the worst that Mother Nature has to offer, and you’ll even find that they’re easier to open in inclement weather than regular lock-and-key systems. You can say goodbye to fumbling for keys in frigid snowstorms with half-frozen fingers.

High-security keypads aren’t just for exterior use, though; you can also install them on in-house safes or use them to control other entrances to your house, such as garage doors and sheds. You can even install security keypads on the interior doors of your home to restrict access to certain areas such as wine cellars.

Inside or outside, no matter where you’re trying to improve your security, electronic high-security keypads can fortify your home and improve your peace of mind.

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