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Novelty String Lights Ideas for Seasonal Fun

Updated: 06/16/2024
novelty string lights

I have already briefly mentioned novelty string lights when I talked about outdoor party lights in one of my other posts. But I wanted to go into a bit more detail over these great outdoor lights. I find them really fun and fascinating as purely decorative and as fabulous novelty party string lights. So let’s have a brief look at what we are talking about here.

What Are Outdoor Novelty String Lights

I am not looking for a long-term investment with outdoor novelty lights. Novelty String Lights are very much a one-shot wonder most of the time, and they give me a quick splash effect or focal point. This is for fun, enjoyment and also makes great icebreakers and conversation starters for nervous guests. If these novelty garden lights survive until the next time, I might use them, then that is an added bonus.

Choosing the Type of Novelty String Lights

Really with novelty string lights, it boils down to what I can get for my money. So I want reliability, safety, and costs. With that in mind, I want to buy solar novelty lights for my garden. I don’t have to wire them in, so they are quick and easy to install. This makes novelty solar garden lights really easy and flexible, oh and of course, cheap to run! I like cheap when it’s not a long-term investment.

Extra Reasons to Go For Novelty Solar Lights

The other reason to buy novelty garden solar lights rather than plug-in ones is twofold. Safety of course is a major one. A straight DC into a lot of the lights will get them red hot. Most of the direct current novelty string lights use standard incandescent bulbs. So keep an eye on those globe lights and sometimes novelty fairy lights as well. Novelty LED lights always work better, are brighter, safer, and suck up less of the solar juice.

Secondly, a novelty string light set is just more flexible. As long as you can get the solar panel in the sun to charge during the day, you can put them pretty much anywhere. No power leads are attached to restrict them at night. So again, no trailing lead means no disasters with guests tripping over either.

Ideas You Can Use Novelty String Lights For

I am going to go through a few ideas for novelty string lights now, and I hope you enjoy. If you have other great ideas, pop them in the comments below. I have arranged these in convenient groups I hope. You can see that the seasonal events are obviously purely once per year. But some of the general party novelty lights can be reused for more than one party in a year, so you are going to get much better value with these sorts of novelty party lights. For the best and most popular party lights, novelty string lighting really is top of the pile for me.

Christmas Novelty Lights

This is a huge area to start with novelty outdoor Christmas lights, and in particular, novelty Christmas string lights are hugely popular and are the real bread and butter workhorses of the festive season we enjoy the most. As with all outdoor string lights, they are flexible and put on a great show.

So Christmas time is a great time to personalize your house and garden with novelty string lights. I generally favor the simple and effective approach where these novelty outdoor lights are concerned. Largely going for ice white as a canvas to work from I like to get variety in there. So besides standard strings of Christmas outdoor lights, your specialist icicle lights outdoor hanging from around overhangs and porches make a lovely show. For a little extra on these outdoor icicle lights, I like to get the flashing ones myself.

Now icicle outdoor lights are fine, but they might not be quite novelty enough maybe? Okay so if we are going to push the boat out a bit on novelty Christmas lights, let’s get a bit more adventurous. How about miniature Santa string lights, or reindeer to keep him company. There really are so many possibilities really. You just need to sort through somewhere like Amazon or EBay for a good review and a bargain.

Other Seasonal Celebrations

Of course, throughout our year there are a lot of days we may want to celebrate or have a party to mark the occasion. Whether they are religious, nationally significant, or just a notable occasion in the calendar, using a set or two of outdoor novelty lights, or specifically novelty string lights, can transform the occasion into something special. These funny string lights are great for amusement and accent points at a party.

So there are several celebrations that spring to mind straight away where you could have a bit of fun and a laugh in your backyard or garden. Most of them are LED novelty lights, and this makes them great for low power consumption. That in tern, means you can go for novelty solar lights and battery operated novelty lights, cutting costs and making them more flexible and portable.

Thanksgiving Novelty Lights

When it comes to Thanksgiving novelty string lights, I look for lights that symbolize what we stand for. The rise of this democratic nation, standing supreme and noble on the world stage. A shining example of what is possible with hard work and force of will. So the Stars ‘n’ Stripes epitomize all of this. Having a display of these always makes me feel proud as I walk outside and always brings the goosebumps on my arms. Hardly what you may think of as novelty outdoor lighting. They just fall into that as they are not pure bulbs.

Of course, you can choose whatever sums up this country for you. It may be the symbolism of the eagle, remembrance of the origins of the occasion, or just red, white, and blue in whatever shape or form it comes in. there are plenty of fantastic novelty light sets online to be had.

Chinese New Year Novelty Lights

There are a host of novelty lights that you can use for the Chinese New Year. The most popular are the globe patio string lights. Now some people might say that these aren’t really outdoor novelty lights at all as many people display them year-round. But to be honest, they are usually in a minority, and here’s why.

These globe string lights are incredibly fragile. I have seen someone stick their finger through half a dozen of the paper shades while trying to get the damn covers on. One gust of wind and they are flying high or have ripped themselves fee. So long-term outdoor hanging isn’t really practical. The final problem is that many are just plugged into the mains through a direct socket. Now that uses a lot of electricity and the bulbs get very hot as a result. I don’t trust them not to catch fire and have seen it happen at a hotel once. If you use them to fit a breaker, full stop. Novelty string lights aren’t so funny when they are on fire.

But having said that, they are incredibly pretty if used right. They give you something very different in terms of novelty light strings by their very nature.

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