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A Fireproof Safe With a Digital or Manual Dial Lock?

Updated: 12/26/2023
A Fireproof Safe With a Digital or Manual Dial Lock

Why would you want to have a fireproof safe with a dial combination lock? Are these manual locks more secure than the newer digital locks?

Quite frankly, the world is changing, and digital is the way to go. They are much more secure than manual dial combination locks. There are a lot of advantages to digital locks, and there are a few drawbacks and there are few advantages to mechanical locks.

While many safe companies sell their safes with standard dial locks and charge extra for the digital lock, digital locks are actually less expensive than manual locks.

Changing combinations is the biggest advantage to having a digital lock on your burglary safe. It is quick and easy to change the combination. You can also assign different codes for different people. In addition, some locks will allow you to view a log that will display which codes were used to open the safe.

To change the combination on a manual dial lock, you might require a locksmith if you don’t know how to do it properly. Even though the combination change is not hard, many people won’t bother reading the manual. I’ve also read that with proper care and service, a dial safe lock will last a long time. So who do you think will do this proper service? You guessed it. That will require a locksmith.

With a digital safe lock, all you need to do is change the batteries. Oh, yeah, you don’t want to get it wet.

The biggest advantage of the digital lock is quick access. I open my safe at least twice a day and sometimes more. If I had to go three turns to the right, one to the left… multiple times a day, I would go nuts. I have an old safe with a dial. For years, I left the dial next to the last number, so all I had to do was move it slightly and open it. Not very secure.

What about fire? Won’t the digital lock be destroyed? Yes, it will. It is also likely that the manual dial will also be inoperable. How do you get a safe open after a fire? You can either get a locksmith or watch a video on youtube to find out how to get it open. The better the safe, the harder it will be to open. Any safe that has been through a fire will need to be replaced, so don’t worry about breaking it to open it.

I would always recommend a digital lock. They are becoming the default for some safes with an extra charge for a manual dial.

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