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Gould & Goodrich

Updated: 06/26/2024

Gould & Goodrich has been in business for more than a quarter of a century. They work hard to provide the best gun holsters for any occasion. Many government, police, and military forces have learned that they can trust and rely on the highest quality and standards from Gould and Goodrich. In the message from the president on their website Gould and Goodrich attributes their past success to their company values of “Respect, Excellence, Integrity, and Leadership”. A company that is working daily to meet these goals is sure to achieve success.

Gould and Goodrich holsters are available in genuine leather or polymer laminate materials that are made to look like leather. All of the Gould and Goodrich holsters and other products are made by skilled craftsmen to make a beautiful, durable product that will hold up through daily rigorous use. In this Gould and Goodrich holster review, let’s take a look at some of the best gun holsters made by Gould and Goodrich.

Gold Line Concealment Holsters

These Gould and Goodrich holsters are top-grain genuine leather that is vegetable tanned for the absolute best look and finish. This line of Gould &Goodrich holsters offers ankle holsters, compact belt slide holsters, inside the waistband holsters, open top two slot holsters, paddle holsters, shoulder holsters, and a number of handcuffs, magazine carriers, and many other related accessories.

Leather Duty Holsters

These Gold and Goodrich holsters are manufactured with precision for the best durability and reliability required for professionals. Some of the most beautifully crafted leather holsters can be found here. The following leather duty holsters are currently available: Astro Double Retention Holster, Bootlock Ankle Holster, Double Retention Holster for Revolvers, and Holster for Weapons w/ Tactical Lights.

K-Force Duty Holsters

These Gould and Goodrich holsters are weatherproof and scratch-resistant, made from polymer laminate that is made to look like genuine leather products. The pouches on all of these holsters remain open, making it safe, quick, and easy to reholster your weapon. Available K-Force duty holsters include the Adjustable Tension Holster, Double Retention Holster, Double Retention Quantum Holster, and Triple Retention Quantum Holster.

Phoenix Duty Holsters

Made from re-engineered black Kydex, these Gould and Goodrich holsters are top-of-the-line for ultimate durability. The sleek design and look of these holsters are great in combination with their full line of Phoenix duty nylon gear. Available as Adjustable Tension Holsters, Double Retention Holsters, Double Retention Quantum Holsters, and Triple Retention Quantum Holsters, as well as additional holders for all your gear: baton, flashlight, handcuffs, and much more.

Other Concealment Holsters

Check out the Gould and Goodrich site for complete details about their pocket holsters, unique Body Guard holster, and Three Slot Pancake Holster.

In addition to all of these great gun holster products, you will find a whole line of both leather duty belts and accessories or K-Force duty belts and accessories. As with all gun holster products, you are responsible for safe handling and proper use of the holster and weapon. Do not use gun holsters with modified weapons or holsters that were not made for the specific gun type you have.

The Gould and Goodrich website does not list any pricing information but they do specify where their products can be purchased. Gould and Goodrich products are available through dealers such as Leon Uniform Company, GT Distributors, Dana Safety Supply, and a lot more. Visit the Gould and Goodrich site for links to these dealers to get more information about where you can purchase any of these high-quality Gould and Goodrich holster products.

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