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Locksmith Career Description and Opportunities

Updated: 12/26/2023

When you hear the word locksmith, the first thing that you think about is a lock and a key that opens it. But what most people don’t realize is that locksmiths offer more services than just making keys and picking locks. They’re the same ones that install, repair, and provide general locking and security services for private homes, commercial and business establishments, security systems, and automotive.

Today, establishing a locksmith career is well worth it, considering the high demand for the services they offer, which more often than not correspond to a stable source of income and revenue.

The Fundamental Tasks and Jobs of a Locksmith

Mostly all locksmiths will pursue and obtain three important things before successfully calling the trade a career. These three are certification, licensing, and apprenticeship. 

Many states and countries require certification and licensing right before a locksmith can pursue and practice the profession. This way, there is a certain degree or standard for everyone, maintaining the quality of service a locksmith can provide and offer to the consumers. 

Both certification and licensing entails undergoing a series of trainings to teach the aspiring locksmith with the basic jobs of repairing damaged and broken locks, replacing keys for private and public use, handling emergency lock out situations, and installing security and locking systems.

The locksmith career also involved working outdoors and in the field for a substantial period of time. Professional and expert locksmiths are trained and taught to work even in the most unpleasant and unfavorable places and situations like in narrow and very small spaces and areas where there is almost zero light. Locksmiths likewise have to deal with different client personalities, and most of the time, they will meet someone who’s not really friendly.

Working Schedules and Number of Hours

Unlike factory and office workers, locksmiths don’t have a fixed schedule. They can work very late at night or wait for nothing the entire day. Hence, they must be flexible enough to adjust their working time because there is really no telling as to when a client or customer needs them. 

Hence, someone who wants to establish a locksmith career one of these days need to understand that they are likely going to work even on midnight, weekends, and holidays.

Job Variety

As said earlier, a locksmith can perform different jobs, and that is the reason why there are also several types based on the kind of work they do. 

There’s the mobile locksmith, whose job is to handle everything from commercial to residential call outs. They spend their time waiting for a call out and they can go anywhere in an instant. 

There’s also an automotive locksmith that specializes in the obvious, which in this case is cars. The can install security and locking devices in cars apart from opening locks. 

There are also elite locksmiths who focus on repairing and installing safes, deadbolts, and other security systems.

Overall, the locksmith career is an interesting path for anyone who plans to get a life and start earning from a rather stable and consistent source of income.

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