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Basic Ideas Behind Motion Sensor Alarms

Updated: 06/16/2024
Moton Sensor Alarm

Motion sensor alarms are rapidly becoming one of the standard and safest devices for household protection. These modern devices can be used to automatically watch any secured zone within your house and receive immediate notifications in case of any unauthorized movement detected within that zone. 

You may want to fit a motion sensor alarm on your patio, near the garage door, at the rear door entrance, or in vulnerable areas where there is any chance of a potential break-in by burglars and thieves. 

There are numerous advantages of using motion sensor alarms rather than keeping watch manually. Some of the obvious ones have been listed below.

Automated Watching

The motion sensor alarms work 24/7 to do the watching job automatically for you. Since the devices use advanced sensor technology, darkness doesn’t have any affect on them. Also, being a machine, it’s free from petty human errors like sleeping off.

Automated Reporting

The machine really doesn’t talk but can make mechanical sounds like ringing alarms or even alerts to your phones. You can even preset the device to make a call to your own number so that you can immediately get the alarm and take appropriate action. You can also set the telephone auto dialer to dial the police directly and then play one pre-recorded message specifying the address of the house and other relevant information.

Remote Reporting

As mentioned above, a motion sensor detector has the capability to be easily integrated with cellphone alerts. This essentially means that you would be notified about trespassing occurring inside your premises even though you are 10 miles away from your house enjoying a birthday party.

Excellent Quality Within the Coverage Area

The motion sensor alarm can detect any small movement within your coverage area, therefore making your house maximally secure. People usually tend to use such alarms within a coverage area of a roundabout of 20 to 25 feet in practical cases.

Home security is one of the major growing fields hence new and improved burglar alarms are popping up every time. For the most part, all these systems are built around a similar basic structure. 

The most common motion sensor design uses infrared sensors as the eye. Since human bodies emit greater amounts of infrared energy as compared to normal home environments, an infrared sensor can be easily programmed to detect the presence or movement when they view an infrared signature of human walking in the coverage field. The sensor then triggers an alarm for confirming potential intrusion. 

Other kinds of motion sensors use the microwave and work just like a radar by sending out microwave signals and waiting for the waves to bounce back. Once a burglar walks in the path of these waves, they will register a new and different pattern that will be construed as potentially illegal activity happening inside the home which will then trigger alarms.

Some other systems use laser technology. However, they also employ the same principle. There are different varieties of motion sensor alarms available in the market. You will need to figure out which one works the best for your home.

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