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Burglar Alarm Systems for Homes

Updated: 12/26/2023
Burglar Alarm Systems For Homes

Your home is your most valued possession, and the best way to protect it is to install a high-quality, reliable home security burglar alarm system. Whether you are away at work or on vacation, a security alarm system will give you the peace of mind that your home is safe while you are gone.

Today, there are many options for residential burglar alarm systems, with designs ranging from small noisemakers to complex, state-of-the-art, computer-based communication systems. To find the right setup, it is important to consider the level of protection your home requires, the ease of system use for your household members, and your budget. Ideally, you should install an affordable home security system that will provide significant protection without intruding on your family’s daily life.


Whether you install a basic burglar alarm or a more sophisticated multi-zone security system, it must be efficient and reliable. The most important feature of an effective burglar alarm system is the ability to correctly identify specific alarm outputs and to quickly respond by accurately communicating with the security service provider. When a system fails to do either of these functions, it fails to protect your home. 

The efficiency of your home security system will depend on the zone triggered, the number of zones, the time of the day, and other aspects installed within your specific monitoring system. Consequently, it is crucial to periodically test your burglar alarm system and secure any required repairs.

Basic Systems

While there are many advanced high-tech, uber-expensive home security systems, a standard burglar alarm can meet the needs of most households. You want to avoid installing an overly complex system that is too intrusive, such as a fingerprint lock, and as a result, may not get used at all. 

Basics systems typically include sensors on all the entry doors, motion-activated outdoor lighting, sensors on windows which are particularly easy to access, and a direct connection to a monitoring service. This type of burglar alarm system will be easy for your family to adapt to while still keeping your home safe and protected from potential intruders.


When searching for an appropriate home security system, carefully consider your top needs and concerns. Today, you can install a more sophisticated system that can be programmed to simultaneously protect against a few different types of dangerous situations. These include burglar intrusion, fire, flood, heating system issues, carbon monoxide, and panic buttons for manual alarm signals. The more sophisticated burglar alarm systems also include features that allow the alarm service company to identify the zone that was triggered, the time, and the type of intrusion.

When triggered, the security system will immediately notify you, as well as other appropriate authorities, such as the police, fire department, ambulance, property supervisor, etc. Some sophisticated systems have a feature where you input a list of phone numbers that the system will call when triggered by an emergency, alerting these contacts to go and check the premises. 

You may also install a burglar alarm system that is attached to a video surveillance system, allowing real-time monitoring to be instantly played on a remote monitor. Moreover, high-tech portable designs are available and can be used for both your home and your vehicle.

Reduce Your Home Owner’s Insurance Premiums

In addition to protecting your home and giving you peace of mind, your home security burglar alarm system has a number of other important benefits. When you have a system installed and connect it to a monitoring service, you may qualify for an up to 20% discount on your homeowner’s insurance. 

Numerous monitoring services also offer a plan to monitor your home for fire, which your insurance company may take into account when reducing your premium. Your insurance company will most likely require a third-party certification, verifying inspection and proper operation of the security system.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

In case you will ever decide to sell your home, having a home security burglar alarm will be an attractive feature to prospective buyers. Today, home security is one of the top requirements people look for in a property. By installing a high-quality, efficient, and reliable security system, you increase your chances of quickly finding a buyer and getting a good value for your home.

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