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Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Holster Review

Updated: 12/26/2023

The Pro Carry LT CCW IWB leather gun holster represents true American taste and spirit. Made from the finest quality of American cowhide, this Glock 19, 23, 32, and 36 concealed carry holster is a total reflection of what great value for money means. Get ready to ditch out the old holsters and welcome this premium quality brand to your collection.

One of the first features that brands the Glock IWB holster as an outstanding product is its weight. This IWB holster is perhaps one of the lightest holsters currently available on the market. Any gun owner would fancy this holster since the lightweight feature implies that there is less one-sided weight distribution around the waistline once the loaded weapon is holstered.

The Pro Carry LT leather holster is crafted from top premium cowhide that guarantees durability. In fact, the manufacturers are so confident that this product was created to withstand the test of time that they have added a seal of lifetime warranty to this inside waistband holster. In addition, the leather has been thoroughly polished for a smooth and shiny finish. This concealed carry holster is held together firmly by heavy-duty stitching that has been reinforced around pressure points. Another important element of interest is that the leather is doubled at the mouth of the holster to withstand the wear and tear of drawing and re-holstering.

Pro Carry LT CCW IWB Leather Gun Holster

One of the Lightest Holsters

The Pro Carry LT model is made of premium SOFT American leather, bonded polyester thread, and a steel metal clip with hidden retention prongs. For Smith & Wesson Shield EZ 380 9mm 30 Super and Glock 19

The Pro Carry concealed carry holster is relatively softer than most regular inside the waistband holsters. This unique feature allows it to ride comfortably within the waistline without causing any poking sensation or rigidness. For firearm owners who prefer continuous daily concealed carry, this IWB holster is just the right choice.

The Pro Carry LT holster sits deep in the waistline due to its remarkable design and ensures that your weapon is well away from sight. In addition, many customers have reported excellent results regardless of body size and structure. That is, the concealed carry holster would fit nicely in the waistline whether you are slim or big-boned.

A durable metal clip is attached to the outer part of the holster and stabilizes it in such a way as to retain the desired cant and depth of the weapon. For this specific type of IWB holster, Glock firearms fit snugly and the retention is just right. In addition, other clients have even purchased this iwb holster for their Smith & Wesson and their results have been totally remarkable.

Above all, the best quality at the most affordable price matters. The Pro Carry LT is currently listed at an unbeatable price. It has some of the highest reviews out of all the IWB holsters sold online, making it one of the best IWB holsters available. Most clients consider this offer a giveaway since the quality surpasses the price by far. This is truly a remarkable leather holster that is worth adding to your collection.

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