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Accessories for the Springfield Xd-S Subcompact

Updated: 06/16/2024
Springfield Xd S

What accessories are most popular for the Springfield XD-S subcompact is probably one of the most broadly asked questions for Springfield Springfield XD-S. Many Springfield owners, new and old alike, are very enthusiastic about obtaining the absolute top-of-the-line accessories for their handguns. While many accessories are available for the Springfield XD-S, there are a few accessories that hold the most value and should be among your first considerations.

Here is the selection of accessories we recommend for Springfield XD-S.


There are various reasons why gun owners would want to upgrade their sights. Some sights offer a way more accurate sight picture or even a sight picture in the dark. There are quite a few companies out there that produce some quality night sights for the Springfield Springfield XD-S. The Meprolight and Trijicon night sights are probably the two most popular among Springfield Springfield XD-S gun owners.

So which one is the best? This is the million-dollar question. The truth is they’re both actually pretty comparable. The Meprolight sights are a little blockier but tend to be the brighter of the two. The Trijicon generally has a lower profile and gives you more of a crisp sight picture. Both have a variety of colors as well. This all comes down to personal preference. 

Gun Holsters

There is a wide selection of gun holsters that are available today. It’s always good to have a plan before making a purchase. This will help in determining what style fits you the best as well as making sure you stay within your price range. Some of the most common styles of holsters for the Springfield Springfield XD-S are IWB, cross draw, shoulder holsters, paddle hostlers, and ankle hostlers. 

Magazine Holsters

Both standard belts and concealable magazine holsters are pretty easy to find. Some are actually built into the holster itself which is actually a pretty sweet combo. Some gun owners swear by it and others wouldn’t waste their time. 

Custom Grips & Grip Extensions

Custom grips and grip extensions are pretty popular in that they offer better control of the pistol by providing better functionality. This allows for a better grip when both drawing and holstering the gun. Custom grips and grip extensions are fairly inexpensive and usually run between $10 -$20 buck depending on what you get. They are well worth the investment if you need some modification to adjust your grip. 

Extended Magazines

Extended magazines are pretty easy to come by for almost any pistol. The extended magazines available today for the Springfield Springfield XD-S are versatile and you can almost get however rounds you’d demand. Many companies have them in stock and it’s easy to get one that suits your need.


The last accessory and probably the most protected by any gun owner that puts a lot of rounds through their gun is the speedloader. Speedloaders are awesome for saving time when reloading your magazines. Although they are not necessary, they definitely great to have around. 

The accessories mentioned above are all personal preferences and you can do your own research based on what we recommend here.

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